Warzone devs confirm departure of forgotten Resurgence map

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Ashika Island Resurgence map

Warzone players have plenty of Resurgence maps to choose from and enjoy, but the devs confirmed that a forgotten map will be removed from the game forever.

Warzone has featured a map rotation for its several Resurgence battlegrounds, letting players enjoy all the different fast-paced experiences.

Despite there being a few different Resurgence maps in the game, since Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island arrived, the focus has been primarily on the two maps. This left a map like Ashika Island to be somewhat forgotten amongst players.

On May 21, the devs confirmed via an X post that Ashika Island will “gracefully exit the [map] rotation,” as they’re turning their focus towards “other map-mode combinations for upcoming playlist updates.” On that note, the May 23 playlist update will be the last one featuring Ashika Island, giving players one last chance to experience it.

According to Raven Software’s Trello board, Ashika Island hasn’t been included in Warzone since January 2024. So, Ashika fans have been waiting for an opportunity to jump back into the map for over four months.

Like most small maps, the island had a ton of Easter eggs and different POIs offering a unique Resurgence experience. Despite belonging to the Warzone 2 chapter of the battle royale, Raven Software will grant Ashika its final farewell in the MW3 era of Warzone.

Ashika Island‘s reception has been divided since its release. On one side are those who appreciate the map, while on the other are those who find it “depressing” because of its dull colors and poor lighting.

Since Ashika Island has a set end date, many players will eagerly “seize this chance to chase victory on an unforgettable map” when the Warzone playlist update featuring Ashika Island kicks off on May 23.