Best Warzone Rebirth Island landing spots for wins & high-kill games

Max Candelarezi
Rebirth Island overview Warzone

Rebirth Island has returned in Warzone Season 3, featuring all of its iconic POIs, so here are the best landing spots to earn many wins and high-kill games.

Rebirth Island has finally returned to Warzone along with all its iconic POIs, so to dominate the fan-favorite Resurgence map in Season 3, you’ll want to choose your landing spot to secure either wins or high-kill games.

So, here are the best landing spots on Warzone Rebirth Island in Season 3.

Best Warzone Rebirth Island landing spots to win


Rebirth Island Warzone Stronghold POI
Stronghold acts as a separate small map in Warzone’s Rebirth Island.

Quite far from the troubled areas, Stronghold is one of the POIs that acts as a separate map in Warzone Rebirth Island. If you manage to land here and knock down any enemy that falls next to you, you’ll be set up to win the game.

Keep in mind that if you decide to drop here, you will have to be careful not to be left behind in the area. Yet, this POI is a great connector between other calm locations within the island.


Rebirth Island Warzone Bioweapons POI

Similar to Stronghold, the Bioweapons POI lacks substantial structure, making it an ideal location to land, equip yourself, and increase your chances of survival. Additionally, quickly looting its only building can prepare you to face any incoming adversaries.

While you may encounter opponents with the same objective of winning, this point of interest allows you to sidestep unnecessary conflict, bringing you progressively closer to achieving victory.

Best Warzone Rebirth Island landing spots for high-kill games


Rebirth Island Warzone Prison POI

Located just on the center of the map, Prison was considered and still owns Warzone Rebirth Island’s hot drop. This location will allow you to get a lot of kills quickly as soon as you land, both on the outside and inside sections, where the action is nonstop.

Make sure once you drop to pick up some weapons and rack up as many kills as you can. In addition, this POI will also allow you to rotate into any other area of the map and continue linking even more kills.

Control Center

Rebirth Island Warzone Control Center POI
Control Center has been a fan-favorite POI in Warzone since its first iteration.

Just like in the previous iteration of Warzone, Control Center has always been a hotspot for initial landings in Rebirth Island, offering plenty of opportunities for securing kills right from the start of the match.

While many players opt to land on the roof and immediately engage with enemies, choosing to land near one of the windows grants you a brief opportunity to loot and establish control over the upper floor. Once established, you can either head towards Headquarters or Prison to keep raking up kills.

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