Warzone devs respond to fears of major Rebirth Island POI changes

Max Candelarezi
Rebirth Island Warzone Season 3

Rebirth Island is set to make its long-awaited return in Warzone Season 3. A trailer for the map showed off some changes that players were not pleased with, but the devs have since stepped in to clarify changes to popular Rebirth Island POIs.

Rebirth Island is coming back in Warzone Season 3, further expanding the Resurgence map roster. Players quickly noticed that the map will undergo several changes affecting immensely popular POIs, which didn’t resonate well.

The Warzone developers addressed these concerns in an X post by explaining the reason behind the POI changes seen within the Season 3 Rebirth Island trailer and reassuring players that the island will “remain true to the original version.”

In the post, Raven Software confirmed that later in Warzone Season 3 players will be able to find Infil Strikes which are a “set of dynamic events that will alter one of three possible POIs at random at the very start of the match.”

However, the devs clarified that while the “majority of the matches will remain unaffected,” these set of events could potentially provide a “unique spin” to how the players approach the Resurgence map, including “rotations, traversal opportunities,” and more.

Following Raven’s clarification, player complaints ceased as they grasped the assurance that their beloved map would remain intact. Some even welcomed the prospect of the “rare” Infil Strikes, acknowledging the potential to enhance the map’s gameplay dynamics.

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