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Warzone Season 3 welcomes Rebirth Island as a new location for the Resurgence Ranked Play mode. Here’s all you need to know about Skill Divisions, SR, Ranks, and more in Warzone Ranked Play.

Warzone Season 3 carries several updates to the Ranked Play Resurgence mode to perfectly fit Rebirth Island, along with a ton of exclusive rewards by pulling up SR and climbing through the ranks.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ranks, Skill Divisions, SR, and more in Warzone Ranked Play Resurgence.


Warzone Ranked Play Resurgence Season 3 map

Season 3 of Warzone‘s Ranked Play Resurgence takes place in Rebirth Island, coinciding with its return to the battle royale title. The popular island will host the third season of the Resurgence competitive mode.

Rebirth Island Warzone
Rebirth Island will return after Warzone Caldera’s servers shut down on September 2023.

Warzone Ranked Play Skill Divisions explained

Warzone Ranked Play features seven Skill Divisions and a Top 250 tier, just like the Modern Warfare 3 version of the competitive mode. All players start in Bronze 1 before climbing the ladder by earning Skill Rating.

Here is the SR needed for each Skill Division in Warzone Ranked Play:

  • Bronze0-899 SR
  • Silver900-2,099 SR
  • Gold2,100-3,599 SR
  • Platinum3,600-5,399 SR
  • Diamond5,400-7,499 SR
  • Crimson7,500-9,999 SR
  • Iridescent10,000 SR minimum
  • Top 25010,000+ SR

Each Skill Division from Bronze to Crimson also has three sub-tiers from one to three. Meanwhile, the best players in Iridescent will appear on the Top 250 leaderboard to show off their prowess to the rest of the community.

At the start of the new season, a Ranked reset will take place and knock every player down by three sub-tiers, equating to one full Skill Division. That being said, the highest starting point after the reset is Diamond 1, so Crimson 2 players and above will be pushed back even further.

How to get SR in Warzone Ranked Resurgence

Skill Rating (SR) is earned based on kills, assists, and placements in Warzone Ranked Play. At the end of each match, all players will gain Skill Rating based on how they performed individually, as well as how the squad faired overall.

The catch is that each Warzone Ranked Play match costs an SR entry fee, which rises based on the Skill Division you’re in. This means that it’s possible to finish a match with less SR than before, resulting in you slipping down the rankings.

Since Ranked Resurgence will take place on the smaller Rebirth Island map in Season 3, the devs have introduced several tweaks to the amount of SR earned. Check them out below:


  • Top 10: 15 SR
  • Top 7: 30 SR
  • Top 5: 50 SR
  • Top 3: 60 SR
  • Winner: 100 SR

Kills & assists

Teams RemainingSR Per Kill/AssistSR Per Kill by Squadmate


Warzone players can also complete a handful of Season SR Challenges once per season to instantly earn a large Skill Rating boost. Check them out below:

First Kill or Assist+100 SR
10 Kills or Assists+100 SR
25 Kills or Assists+100 SR
50 Kills or Assists+100 SR
100 Kills or Assists+100 SR
Reach Top 7 Squad+100 SR
Reach Top 5 Squad+100 SR
Reach Top 3 Squad+100 SR
Win a Match+200 SR

To avoid the inflated SR gain by tapping, Treyarch stated that kill and assist credit would be given to players who downed the eliminated player or damaged the eliminated player shortly before they were downed.

Tapping refers to when a player successfully downs an opponent and then leaves their teammate to finish the downed enemy to earn assist SR (skill rating).

Warzone Ranked Resurgence Deployment & Death Fees explained

Deployment and Death Fees in Warzone Ranked Resurgence are a system intended to ensure that “every combat scenario feels high-stakes and that each life has meaning.” The values of lost SR will depend on the players’ Rank and Tier – the higher it is, the more SR they will lose.

Deployment Fees

Here’s the amount of SR that will be taken away each time you deploy into a Warzone Ranked Resurgence match.

Skill Division & TierDeployment Fee
Bronze 1-30 SR
Silver 1-10 SR
Silver 2-14 SR
Silver 3-18 SR
Gold 1-23 SR
Gold 2-28 SR
Gold 3-33 SR
Platinum 1-39 SR
Platinum 2-45 SR
Platinum 3-51 SR
Diamond 1-60 SR
Diamond 2-70 SR
Diamond 3-80 SR
Crimson 1-90 SR
Crimson 2-100 SR
Crimson 3-110 SR
Iridescent & Top 250-120 SR to -300 SR (Deployment Fee increases every 500 SR above 10,000+ SR)

Death Fees

Here are all the amounts of SR that will be deducted each time you die in a Warzone Ranked Resurgence match. Keep in mind that you won’t lose more SR than your Deployment Fee.

Skill Division & TierDeath Fee
Bronze 1-30 SR
Silver 1-3-2 SR
Gold 1-3-3 SR
Platinum 1-3-4 SR
Diamond 1-3-5 SR
Crimson 1-3-7 SR
Iridescent & Top 250-10 SR

What are Ranks in Warzone Ranked Play?

Ranks are a different type of progression in Warzone Ranked Play that doesn’t reset at the start of each season. They are based on how many times a player has placed highly in a match and carry over between updates.

Unlike MW3, which tracks Ranks based on wins, Warzone Resurgence Ranked awards up to three Stars based on how long a squad lasts. The requirements are as follows:

  • Top 7: One Star
  • Top 5: Two Stars
  • Win: Three Stars

After earning a set amount of Stars, players will graduate to the next Rank, earning exclusive rewards along the way.

Warzone Ranked Resurgence SBMM explained

Warzone Ranked Resurgence also features a skill-based matchmaking system designed to create lobbies containing players of equal quality. For example, if you’re a Bronze player, you will likely find yourself up against squads of a similar level.

However, this becomes more complicated when players of a different Skill Division party up and play together. So, don’t be surprised if you run into a handful of teams that seem slightly better on paper during matches.

That was everything you need to know about Warzone Ranked Play Resurgence. The devs have teased that the competitive mode will come to the main battle royale mode “later in the year,” so we’ll be sure to update this page with any changes.

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