Does XDefiant have private matches?

Aakash Regmi
Practise Zone in XDefiant

If you’re wondering whether you can play XDefiant with your friends in a private lobby, here’s whether the shooter will feature private matches. 

XDefiant features all the modes you’d expect from a 6v6 shooter, with more said to be added post-release. Some players might want to tune into private matches just to try all that out in a more casual environment with their friends. 

Private matches have been a staple for most FPS title, and they are usually available right on release. So, if you and your friends already have plans set for that, here’s whether XDefiant features private matches.

Can you play private matches in XDefiant?

No, XDefiant will not feature private matches when it launches on May 21, 2024. However, private match support is confirmed to arrive at a later date

XDefiant Year 1 content roadmap
XDefiant will continue to add more modes and features post-launch.

It’ll arrive within Year 1, sometimes before Season 4, alongside other modes like Ranked. We do not have the exact release date, as Ubisoft are yet to reveal the finer details of the roadmap, but we’ll be sure to update you whenever dates are confirmed. So, remember to circle back for the latest. 

If you want to play private matches to practice what XDefiant has to offer, you can play in the Practice Zone. It has an Assault Course to test your aim and movement, an Ability & Ultras zone where you can try out all Factions and their abilities, as well as a Firing Range to test your gun. 

Also, with the game featuring full crossplay, you can also join public lobbies with your friends from different platforms as well. 

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