XDefiant June 4 update patch notes bring social & crossplay fixes

Nathan Warby
Ghost defending himself form a flamethrower from Cleansers in XDefiant

The XDefiant devs have released the Y1S0.2 update, which addresses some of the issues fans have faced since launch, including missing textures. Here are the full XDefiant June 4 update patch notes detailing every change.

XDefiant has enjoyed a successful launch, with millions of players hopping into Ubisoft’s new shooter featuring Factions based on their biggest titles. However, there have been a handful of issues since it arrived and the devs have been releasing regular patches, and now the Y1S0.2 update has arrived.

Here are the full XDefiant June 4 update patch notes.

XDefiant June 4 update downtime

The XDefiant devs have confirmed that there is one hour of downtime as the XDefiant Y1S0.2 update rolls out, starting at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST. During this period, the servers will be offline and you will be unable to search for a match.

XDefiant Y1S0.2 update patch notes

Check out the full XDefiant June 4 update patch notes below, as shared by Ubisoft in the official blog post:


  • While in a party, we now display the most restrictive Crossplay setting among the party members, as it applies to the whole party. Also fixed an issue where party members with differing Crossplay settings couldn’t matchmake.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying incorrect player names on some Social screens.
  • Fixed a crash caused by spamming open/close View Party Invites, but who would even do that, calm down.
  • On consoles, Ubisoft Connect party invites could display as if they were coming from Xbox or PlayStation Network friends. Fixed that, along with some other weird invite-related things.


  • Fixed some missing terrain textures when players joined matches in progress on some maps.
  • Input-Based Matchmaking setting status now updates correctly after changing it on Xbox.
  • Fixed a thing on PS5 where people could sneak into places they shouldn’t via PS5 Activities.
  • Security improvements, various.

That was everything included in XDefiant Patch 2. To make sure you’re in the best possible spot to take advantage of the changes, take a look at the meta guns, how to fix any stuttering issues, and the best setup for Ranked mode.