Are there Killstreaks in XDefiant?

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Carlos XDefiant

XDefiant is a first-person shooter that shares similarities with the likes of Call of Duty, and players are wondering if Killstreaks are in the game. Here’s whether there are Killstreaks in XDefiant.

XDefiant arrived on May 21 and players have wasted no time exploring its diverse characters, and Factions, as well as leveling up weapons in the game.

Ubisoft’s FPS has a weapon loadout system, featuring plenty of customization options. This led many players to wonder if XDefiant has any Killstreaks, following other popular shooters like Call of Duty. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Does XDefiant have Killstreaks?

No, XDefiant doesn’t have Killstreaks available. Despite its similarities to other FPS titles, Ubisoft’s game doesn’t feature Killstreaks of any kind. Instead, the game offers Faction abilities, which are the closest equivalent to Killstreaks.

The only way to eliminate enemy players is by using your weapon, Devices, or Faction abilities. The absence of Killstreaks also applies to non-lethal ones, such as CoD’s popular UAV or Counter UAV.

Dedsec's Sebastian using Spiderbot ability
The Faction abilities are similar to streaks in XDefiant.

Will XDefiant add Killstreaks?

XDefiant’s Executive Producer, Mark Rubin, originally said that they had no intention of adding Killstreaks, this seems to have changed after players have been giving some feedback.

In a post on X, Rubin shared that he understands there isn’t enough of a reward for getting killstreaks right now. “It’s something we are discussing and will try and find ways to better reward in game play,” he said.

There isn’t much concrete information on what kind of changes are coming yet, but the good news is that the devs are thinking about how to make changes to the game that could possibly add Killstreak rewards or use a similar system.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the best controller settings and pick the best Faction and weapon loadout, between Assault Rifles or SMGs, to give you an advantage against your opponents in XDefiant.

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