What is the next XDefiant Faction? All upcoming Factions revealed so far

Franco Diaz
Cleaners Faction in XDefiant

Ubisoft announced when the next Faction will arrive in XDefiant. Check out everything we know about this new XDefiant Faction.

XDefiant Preseason is in full swing, featuring an interesting arsenal of weapons that can be customized with numerous attachments to unlock. Ubisoft‘s new shooter also has five factions, each with unique abilities, but the developers have announced that a new Faction will be arriving soon.

Check out everything we know about the next XDefiant Faction.

Next XDefiant Faction revealed

Ubisoft confirmed that the next Faction to arrive in XDefiant is GSK from the Rainbow Six Siege universe. As if that wasn’t enough, the devs revealed one of the two active abilities and the Faction’s Ultimate, which deploys a shield and equips you with a pistol to block incoming fire while still allowing you to deal damage.

For more about the new XDefiant Faction, check out our GSK Faction guide.

XDefiant GSK Faction release date

Ubisoft confirmed that GSK will arrive on July 2 with the launch of Season 1. This will mark the Rainbow Six Siege Faction as the sixth Faction to arrive in XDefiant.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the devs have not yet revealed how this Faction will be unlocked or if it will already be unlocked at the start of Season 1. We will keep you informed as soon as Ubisoft reveal more details about the GSK Faction.

All upcoming XDefiant Factions

XDefiant Year 1 content roadmap
New Factions, weapons, game modes, and more were announced in the XDefiant Year 1 Roadmap.

Ubisoft have only confirmed the codenames of the next four Factions. They will be released once per season as follows:

  • Season 1: GSK from Rainbow Six Siege
  • Season 2: Codename Buzz
  • Season 3: Codename Orchard
  • Season 4: Codename Horde

All in all, that’s everything we know so far about the next XDefiant Faction. For more on Ubisoft’s shooter, you can check out all we know about XDefiant Season 1, which are the best weapons, and how to fix some in-game errors like Delta-01, Bravo 0-4, Mike 0-1, and more.