Starfield: How to get more ammo

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Ammo in Starfield

Every galaxy in Starfield has pirates, mercenaries, and creatures that you’ll need to protect yourself from. If you like seizing every opportunity to engage in combat, it will be handy to know where you can get ammo. Here’s every way you can get ammo in Starfield.

Ammo isn’t a scarce commodity in Starfield, and you’ll find it pretty easily as you’re traveling across the universe. However, there are places that will need you to stock up, so you won’t run out of ammo in the middle of combat.

If you already looted all containers, lockers, and the bodies of your enemies, but it isn’t enough, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to get ammo and where to buy it for cheap in Starfield.

Best way to get ammo in Starfield

Ammo might seem expensive when you buy it from vendors in Starfield, but there are a couple of ways you can find it without spending credits (or at least spending less).

Leveling up your Pickpocketing skill

If you level up your Theft skill, you can try getting ammo by stealing it from unsuspecting NPCs. You’ll need to crouch behind the character and press the interact button to pickpocket them. You can get this skill for free at the beginning of your game if you choose the Cyber Runner or Gangster as background in Starfield.

Pickpocketing in Starfield
Picking an NPC’s pocket may seem risky in Starfield, but it’s simple with the right skill.

Not only that, but you will also be able to open safes, chests, lockers, and boxers that are locked and usually have ammo inside. In order to do so, you’ll have to use Digipicks that can be bought from merchants.

Leveling up your Scavenging Skill

If you get the Scavenging skill, you’ll have a higher chance to get extra ammo when reaching Rank 2. You can get this skill for free if you select the Chef, Pilgrim, or Ronin background to start your story in Starfield.

Getting your scavenging rank up isn’t difficult, and as soon as you reach Rank 2 you’ll begin to build up a surplus of ammo that doesn’t cost you anything (and even get to sell).

Where to buy cheap ammo in Starfield?

You can buy cheap ammo in Starfield from gun vendors or general goods stores. The best place to do it is at New Atlantis City, where you’ll want to head to the UC Distribution Center. To find this building, head to the Commercial District of the city and get in to talk directly to the vendor. While in New Atlantis, you can also try your luck on Centurian Arsenal.

Rowland Arms in Starfield
You’ll find Rowland Arms when traveling across Akila City.

If you’re over Akila City, you can go to Shepherd’s General Store, Laredo Firearms, and Rowland Arms. If you want to buy more and the store has run out of stock, you can look for a place to sit or sleep for a day and try looking at their wares again, since the vendor will refresh its inventory and credits after 24 hours.

And that’s how you get ammo in Starfield easily. If you want to know more about Bethesda’s new galactic adventure, you can read our guides below:

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