Starfield: How to dock your ship

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Starfield spaceship

Although Starfield allows you to Fast Travel, you can also explore space in your ship and discover a ton of interactive elements such as other ships, pirates, and star yards. Docking your ship lets you interact with these things, and here’s how you can dock your ship in Starfield.

From selling to customizing to stealing, there’s a lot that you can do with ships in Starfield. They not only help you travel in space but also act as a place where you can store most of your resources.

Another ship feature that you’d want to learn as soon as possible is docking. By docking your ship in Starfield, you can interact with pirate ships, space stations, and a lot more which naturally adds to your overall progress.

Here’s how to dock your ship in Starfield.

How to dock your ship in Starfield

To dock your ship in Starfield, you must be within 500m of the target you want to board. Then, press the E button on keyboard or the A button on console to target the station or ship you want to dock with.

If the distance is close enough, you will get a screen prompt to either dock or hail the target ship. To dock, hold X on console or R on keyboard. Once you hit the button, a cutscene will trigger displaying the docking procedure.

To summarize:

  1. Aim at the ship or space station you wish to board.
  2. Get within 500m of the target and press either ‘E’ or ‘A.’
  3. Once prompted, press X or R to board.
  4. Either board, undock, or leave the cockpit to explore your own ship.
Starfield ship docking prompt
You can dock with all sorts of ships in Starfield.

After successfully docking your ship in the game, you’ll be greeted with three options. You can board the ship you docked with, or undock from it. You can also leave the pilot’s seat and simply wander around on your own ship.

That’s everything to know about docking your ship in Starfield. Keep an eye out for our other guides on all things Starfield.

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