Starfield community slam “lazy” wedding experience as player rage quits

Rajarshi Acharya
sam coe in starfield

A Starfield player was so disappointed by the in-game wedding experience that they decided to rage quit the game.

Starfield, like Bethesda’s previous RPGs, has several companions that you can start a romance with, and even marry. However, this is limited to only four members of Constellation, the main faction in the game.

Now, some players are reporting that the weddings have been done lazily, as they’re calling the experience lackluster and rushed. Redditor ‘Ka0sin’ took to the Starfield subreddit to express their dissatisfaction with their character’s marriage to Sam Coe. Others rushed in to share their own experiences, sharing similar opinions.

Starfield player shares frustrating in-game wedding experience

According to the Starfield player, the wedding downplayed the importance of their in-game relationship. The OP also called out the wedding venue, the guest list, as well as the wedding ceremony itself.

They asked, “Why is the wedding not held at ‘The Lodge’? Sam hasn’t spent any big length of time at Coe Estate for over a decade and it holds no significance to us as a couple.”

The OP was also puzzled at the guest list, and asked, “Why is his ex and estranged father at our wedding, but not the Constellation members, my parents, or literally anyone of significance to my character?” They felt the ceremony was rather dull as well, asking “Why is it just a few words and then wham, bam, thank you mam?!”

According to them, even MMORPGs and Bethesda’s own Skyrim have managed to make weddings feel more believable. The OP then compared this to some other aspects of Starfield that they considered “lazy” as well.

They wrote, “This was as lazy as only having 4 romanceable options in a game, or the local map being blue fuzz, or the main animation being the damn doors in the game.”

Most Starfield fans believe weddings are “lazy”

Several other Starfield players agreed and pointed out that your parents not attending your wedding was a huge missed opportunity.

byu/Ka0sin from discussion

One user wrote, “Yeah, not having your parents attend your wedding was terrible and immersion-breaking. I think it’s just an unfortunate oversight. Your parents can already appear in the main hubs, so clearly them showing up at your wedding wasn’t impossible.”

Another user pointed out that your parents “quickly become ‘just NPCs’ once they run out of scripted stuff.” Other players shared their own wedding experiences in Starfield, which were equally bizarre. One user wrote, “Marrying Andreja consists of flying to a planet and digging in the dirt for 2 seconds. Done.”

Another added, “My wedding to Sarah was ordained by her ex-GF, and her unpleasant mother was there. I tend to agree the romances are half-baked, especially when it comes to the wedding ceremony. And none of the other companions even congratulate us. It’s like it didn’t happen at all.”

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