Starfield players fed up with having “no consequences” for their actions

Souhardya Choudhury
Starfield character in their outpost

Many Starfield players have come out with various suggestions and grievances with the game recently as a lot of them claim that the choices do not have “consequences” and do not affect your gameplay.

Starfield had a strong start at release as the game quickly became Bethesda’s most successful launch ever. However, its popularity has taken a slight hit recently with many players pointing out various shortcomings in the game.

Starfield has received several negative reviews recently due to its quests and exploration, and players are still not satisfied with how the devs handled the situation even after releasing a few patches along the way.

Reddit user ‘robusn’ spoke about its quests as they felt that all the in-game choices do not have any “consequences.” The most important quests in Starfield involve a major choice that is supposed to alter the outcome heavily and influence the rewards you get in the end.

The OP added that they were “trying to fail” every quest by murdering people, choosing all the wrong options, and having rude dialogues. However, they claimed that it “doesn’t matter” as the outcome was always the same. “No one seems to even remember being shot by my character,” explained the OP.

This has been a trailing issue in Bethesda games, as people were complaining about the lack of changes in the world even in Skyrim. The OP also stressed how there is an abundance of “essential” NPCs in Starfield that cannot be killed no matter what.

“This game has unfortunately shined a light on Bethesda that I never wanted to see,” said one disappointed fan under the post. Others have claimed that the lack of consequences essentially means that the players have “no choice at all.”

Some players also felt that “the game was lazily made” due to the lack of options and having no consequences to various actions was “lame” to many.

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