Powerful Pokemon Go swapping trick beats Giovanni with ease

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go team rocket leader giovanni

Pokemon Go players often struggle to beat Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni, even after using the strongest counters. But, this creative swapping strategy can help you defeat him quickly.

Facing Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni is one of the toughest battles in Pokemon Go as even veteran trainers have their teams knocked out by his strong Shadow Pokemon. While using even the best attackers often seems futile, swapping them is key to winning.

Every Team Go Rocket NPC pauses for two seconds when you swap in a counter and also after a Charged Move is used. Take advantage of this by starting with another teammate and then quickly bringing in a Machamp with the moves Counter and Cross Chop.

This forces Giovanni’s deadly Shadow Persian to stop attacking, giving you a time window to farm Counter and then use Cross Chop twice to burn its shields. With Persian out of the equation, bring in other teammates to finish him off.

So, when Reddit user ‘CaspersGF’ was finding it impossible to beat Giovanni, several players suggested this swapping trick to get the job done. Trainers vouched for Machamp, stating that it helped them more than expected.

“Once Persian is gone, Giovanni will use either Nidoking, Rhyperior or Garchomp. Rhyperior would be best one to get, as not only your Machamp will deal some damage to it before it faints, Vaporeon (which you should send out next) will be quad-effective to it.”

Vaporeon is a bulky Water-type that can deal with either Rhyperior or Nidoking, while also doing super-effective damage to Groudon. Fans also recommended Gyarados, whose resistance to Ground-type moves in Pokemon Go helps it take on Giovanni’s second Pokemon as well as Shadow Groudon.

pokemon go giovanni counter gyarados with elite charged tm
Keep in mind that you need an Elite Charged TM to give Aqua Tail to Gyarados.

Players mentioned “Garchomp is going to be the worst,” but using either Gyarados with Dragon Breath and Aqua Tail or Mamoswine with Powder Snow and Avalanche can help you comfortably steer through Garchomp and Groudon in this grueling battle.

Others added that the swapping method can also be done with Lucario having Counter and Power-Up Punch, as the latter constantly increases its Attack stat on usage.

Ultimately, a team comprising Machamp/Lucario, Gyarados, and Mamoswine should help you breeze through the battle. If you don’t have a good Mamoswine, consider Gardevoir with Charm and Triple Axel. After beating Garchomp, you can swap it out and replace it with Gyarados.

Remember that you’ll have to beat Leaders Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo first to earn the Super Rocket Radar and battle Giovanni in Pokemon Go.

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