This Pokemon Go Team Rocket Leader is the one battle you shouldn’t skip

Ezequiel Leis
Team Go Rocket Balloon in Pokemon Go

Team Go Rocket Leaders are some of the toughest challenges in Pokemon Go, but players take them on to get powerful Shadow species. However, some think there’s only one Leader worth battling in the current Pokemon Go Rocket rotation.

Pokemon Go is constantly bringing new challenges for players to tackle, whether it’s with tough Raids or difficult Research tasks. However, most players think the Team Go Rocket Leaders pose the hardest challenge in the game, with Boss Giovanni being one of the toughest battles in Pokemon Go.

When it comes to Team Go Rocket Leaders, most players have favorites, but that can change every season. Team Rocket Leaders Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo have teams of powerful Shadow Pokemon that change regularly with Takeover events. Each new rotation also changes the Pokemon that players will be able to catch after the battle.

As Reddit user ‘SachsRussel’ explains. “I still don’t understand why you can get a pseudo-legendary from one and utter trash from the others,” the player stated alongside a meme showing that Arlo is clearly the favorite right now.

Pokemon Go players can catch Shadow Bagon after defeating Arlo. Since it’s a very popular Pseudo-Legendary, many trainers agreed with the OP by saying things like “Thanks to arlo I have 2 shiny shadow bagon” and “I enjoy that Arlo is the go to this time.”

Another Reddit user commented, “Arlo is favourite…. But let’s see what changes 30th March Brings.” The next Team Go Rocket Takeover event takes place at the end of March, so all members will change their lineups, including Giovanni.

On the other hand, some PvP-focused players mentioned they would rather challenge Cliff or Sierra, as they can reward players with Shadow Zubat or Shadow Tentacool, respectively. “Depends on your goals. Salamence is trash in PvP so it isn’t useful. Tentacruel is great in PvP so it’s much more useful,” explained one trainer.

Another player stated that they’re working toward the Purification medal, so their safest bet not to spend too much Stardust is challenging Cliff. It might come down entirely to each player’s goals to determine which Team Go Rocket Leader is the most worthy of a challenge this season, but Arlo is currently the most popular choice.

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