How to get Rhyperior in Pokemon Go: PvP & PvE performance, best moveset & can it be shiny?

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Rhyperior has caught the attention of Pokemon Go players and they want to know how good it is in PvP and PvE battles. Players are also curious if shiny Rhyperior is available in the game, so here’s everything you need to know.

Pokemon Go players are getting more active in PvP and PvE battles, and Rhyperior has been one of the most hyped Pokemon. Since its debut in the Gen 4 games, Rhyperior has always found a place in the teams of Pokemon players due to its excellent stats and design. So, players are looking forward to catching Rhyperior and using it in Pokemon Go.

After Pokemon Go hosted the Rhyhorn Spotlight Hour on July 18, 2023, players are now wondering if Rhyperior is good in Pokemon Go and if its shiny is available in the game.

So, here’s everything you need to know about Rhyperior in Pokemon Go.

How to get Rhyperior in Pokemon Go

Rhyperior can be obtained in Pokemon Go by evolving a Rhyhorn into Rhydon with 25 Candy, and then evolving Rhydon into Rhyperior with 100 Candy and a Sinnoh Stone.

Rhyhorn is a common spawn in Pokemon Go and is usually found more frequently when Sunny or Partly Cloudy weather is active in the game. A Sinnoh Stone can be obtained in any of these ways:

  • Getting seven-day Research Breakthrough rewards from Field Research.
  • Defeating a Team Go Rocket Leader or Giovanni.
  • Winning PvP battles against other players.
  • Earning a Mystery Item from the Go Battle League.
rhyperior pokemon go in the anime
Rhyperior’s body is covered with thick, rocky armor.

Is shiny Rhyperior available in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Rhyperior is available in Pokemon Go.

Lucky trainers can get a shiny Rhyhorn from the wild and evolve it into a shiny Rhyperior. Shiny Pokemon are rare in the game, with the odds for a shiny Rhyhorn being 1 in 500, or 0.2% chance.

Is Rhyperior good in Pokemon Go PvP?

Yes, Rhyperior is good in Pokemon Go PvP. It is particularly useful for the Master League.

Being a Ground/Rock-type Pokemon, Rhyperior gets excellent coverage in Master League PvP battles. Rhyperior has great stats for attacking as well as tanking hits from opponents, so Pokemon Go players can use it as a safe switch during battle. But players need to be careful in using Rhyperior against Grass and Water Pokemon as it has a double weakness to these two Pokemon types.

Best Rhyperior moveset for Pokemon Go PvP

The best Rhyperior Pokemon Go PvP moveset is Mud-Slap as a Fast Move paired with Rock Wrecker and Surf as Charged Moves.

The combination of these three moves gives Rhyperior perfect coverage against nearly every Pokemon in the Master League format. Some of the best Pokemon that Rhyperior can beat with this moveset are Dialga, Melmetal, Togekiss, Zacian, Excadrill, Landorus (Therian), Giratina (Origin), Reshiram, and Zekrom.

Is Rhyperior good in Pokemon Go PvE?

Yes, Rhyperior is very good in Pokemon Go PvE.

Rhyperior is one of the best Rock-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. In addition, players can also use it as a strong Ground-type Pokemon. This Pokemon not only deals a lot of damage but also lasts long in battles due to its impressive HP stat of 251.

Best Rhyperior moveset for Pokemon Go PvE

The best Rhyperior Pokemon Go PvE moveset is Smack Down as a Fast Move paired with Rock Wrecker as a Charged Move, where Rhyperior functions as a Rock-type attacker.

Players may also choose to go with Mud-Slap as a Fast Move and Earthquake as a Charged Move to use Rhyperior as a Ground-type attacker. However, it does much better in battles with its Rock-type attacks.

Players can teach Rock Wrecker to Rhyperior in Pokemon Go by using an Elite Charged TM. Rock Wrecker is Rhyperior’s signature move and it pairs well with Smack Down to dish out high DPS (Damage Per Second) in PvE battles.

All Rhyperior moves in Pokemon Go

rhyperior pokemon go in battle
Rhyperior can project rocks from the holes in its hands.

Here’s the complete Rhyperior Pokemon Go moveset:

Fast Moves

  • Smack Down
  • Mud-Slap

Charged Moves

  • Rock Wrecker
  • Stone Edge
  • Earthquake
  • Superpower
  • Skull Bash
  • Surf

That’s all you need to know about Rhyperior in Pokemon Go. For more on Pokemon Go, make sure you check out our guides:

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