How to beat Pokemon Go Shadow Articuno Raid: Weaknesses, counters & can it be shiny

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Shadow Articuno Raid Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go brings the Legendary Articuno back to Shadow Raids, and players are eager to catch this iconic Pokemon. Here’s everything you need to know about Shadow Articuno Raids, its weaknesses, counters, and shiny availability in Pokemon Go.

Shadow Articuno Raids are back in Pokemon Go, and trainers are eager to challenge this fearsome Ice Legendary Bird. As one of the first Legendary Pokemon to be introduced in Gen 1, Articuno is extremely popular among Pokemon fans. In addition, it is very useful in the Ultra League PvP format. So these Raid battles are an amazing opportunity for Pokemon Go players to catch this Pokemon with excellent stats.

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However, Shadow Articuno’s incredibly high HP pool and damage bursts can make its Raid battles tricky. So here’s all you need to know about beating Pokemon Go’s Shadow Articuno Raid easily with the best counters.

Shadow Articuno Pokemon Go type and weaknesses

pokemon go articuno in its natural snowy habitatNiantic/The Pokemon Company
Articuno is said to cause snowy weather.

Like its regular version, Shadow Articuno is an Ice/Flying-type Pokemon and weak to the Rock, Electric, Fire, and Steel-type moves. Players will be glad to know that Shadow Articuno has a double weakness to Rock-type attacks, so we recommend using Rock-type Pokemon as leads in the Raid Battle.

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How to get Shadow Articuno in Pokemon Go

You can catch Shadow Articuno in Pokemon Go after beating it in a 5-Star Raid battle. After you manage to defeat the Raid Boss, you will get an opportunity to catch it.

Keep in mind that these are Local Only Raid battles, so it’s not possible to participate in them with a Remote Raid Pass.

Articuno will be available in Raid Battles from November 8, 10 AM local time to November 30, 2023, 8 PM local time.

Best counters for Pokemon Go Shadow Articuno

mega aerodactyl pokemon go promo imageNiantic
Mega Aerodactyl is the top counter for Articuno.

The best overall counter for Pokemon Go Shadow Articuno is Mega Aerodactyl with Rock Throw and Rock Slide. With an amazing Attack stat and the Mega boost it provides, Mega Aerodactyl can deal a lot of damage to Articuno. However, you can also use other Rock types and add Electric, Fire, and Steel types to your Raid battle party.

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Here are the best Counters for the Articuno Raid Battle:

  • Mega Aerodactyl: An Attack stat of 292 makes Mega Aerodactyl the go-to Shadow Articuno Counter in Raid Battles.
  • Mega Tyranytar: Equipped with Smack Down and Stone Edge, Mega Tyranytar can do a lot of damage to Shadow Articuno, the only disadvantage is that its quite slow.
  • Rampardos: This prehistoric Pokemon is just 2 points behind Mega Aerodactyl in Attack. However, it is frail and could end up fainting in no time.
  • Mega Blaziken: No other Fire-type Pokemon deals as much damage as Mega Blaziken in the game. It also helps in boosting Fire-type moves during the Raid Battle.
  • Metagross: This Pseudo Legendary Pokemon is the best Steel-type in Pokemon Go. It also resists every move that Articuno can use.
  • Mega Manectric: The most reliable Electric-type Pokemon in the game packs a serious punch with its powerful moves.

Other great counters include Mega Ampharos, Rhyperior, Terrakion, and regular Tyranitar.

Is shiny Shadow Articuno available in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Shadow Articuno is available in Pokemon Go. Lucky players can get a shiny Articuno when they encounter it after an Articuno Raid Battle.

Keep in mind that shiny Legendary Pokemon have a 100% catch rate, so if you encounter one of these, consider your catch secured.

Pokemon Go Shadow Articuno moveset

Shadow Articuno Shiny Pokemon GoNiantic
Shadow Articuno is also available in its Shiny variant.

Shadow Articuno learns these moves in Pokemon Go:

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Fast Moves:

  • Ice Shard
  • Frost Breath

Charged Moves:

  • Icy Wind
  • Blizzard
  • Ice Beam
  • Ancient Power

And that’s all you need to know to beat Shadow Articuno in Raid Battles. For more on Pokemon Go, check out our guides:

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