Deadly Pokemon Go counters can beat Team Rocket Grunts in seconds

Niladri Sarkar
team go rocket grunts in pokemon go

Beating Team Rocket Grunts in Pokemon Go is often daunting but ensuring these stats and moves on certain counters can help you grab guaranteed victories in no time.

Pokemon Go players often struggle to beat Team Rocket Grunts and capture their powerful Shadow Pokemon, which are assets for Raids and the Go Battle League.

Now, defeating even the most formidable ones is child’s play, thanks to some tips and strategies shared by a trainer regarding the counters you use to battle them.

The player, ‘Ginden,’ shared a post on the Silph Road subreddit titled: “Quickly dispatching Rocket grunts – cheat sheet for high fast attack damage Pokemon.”

The OP explained that using counters with high damage output Fast Moves is more effective than Charged Moves to beat all Team Go Rocket Grunts and detailed top counters for all the lineups in a list.

They emphasized that, overall, having level 40 versions of Kartana, Shadow Rampardos, and Shadow Gardevoir was key in humbling the Grunts. Also, they recommended 15 Attack IVs without fail.

Users in the comments section lauded the list put up by the OP, with many veteran Pokemon Go battlers vouching for the counters highlighted, particularly Kartana. They called this Grass/Steel-type Ultra Beast the “GOAT,” as a player detailed:

“Razor Leaf hits so fast and hard that sometimes the second Pokemon the grunt has spawns and instantly gets beaten before they can even do anything, and then by the time the third Pokemon is sent out, my Kartana has a charged attack to use to finish them off.”

Others added to the OP’s suggestions by stating that it would be ideal to have two Pokemon that directly counter the Team Rocket lineups while ensuring that the third pick makes up for secondary types.

As an example, a trainer mentioned: “Worth noting that Dark-type rockets usually have at least one Poison Pokemon which nullifies all of Dark’s weaknesses. This makes something like an Excadrill good to have in the party.” Excadrill needs the Fast Move Mud-Slap to ace these battles.

Aside from Team Rocket battles, Fast Moves are often the secret to dominating the most grueling Great, Ultra, and Master League matches in Pokemon Go. Be sure to look at the list of the best Elite Fast TMs to maximize your team’s strength.

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