Brutal Pokemon Go Team Rocket Grunt battle puts Giovanni to shame

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go trainers battling team go rocket grunts

A Pokemon Go Team Rocket Grunt battle is proving more difficult than Giovanni’s challenge as many players find it impossible to win the bout. But, these simple tips can help get the job done against this formidable Shadow lineup.

Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni gives a tough challenge to Pokemon Go players, thanks to his Shadow Pokemon lineups. But, a certain Grunt’s battle seems scarier, as many are failing to win even after multiple attempts.

The Grunt in question is the female NPC who is infamous for her “Don’t bother – I’ve already won,” “Get ready to be defeated!” and “Winning is for winners!” taunts. With a Shadow team consisting of powerhouses like Snorlax, Gyarados, Gardevoir, Poliwrath, or Dragonite, the lineup is formidable.

The only reason a Leader’s squad is more troublesome than this Grunt’s is because they use shields. Otherwise, she has a stronger and more balanced team overall.

After a Reddit user named ‘Inevitable-Water-801’ posted that the Grunt’s team of Snorlax, Gardevoir, and Dragonite makes her good enough to be a Leader fellow trainers jumped into the comments section in agreement.

Some called the triple Snorlax lineup “harder than Giovanni” while others stated that Sierra is on par with the Grunt’s “ridiculous” team. Regardless of how her team looked, players shared the best counters to beat her.

pokemon go fighting/steel-type lucario
Lucario with Counter, Power-Up Punch, and Shadow Ball can handle multiple opponents.

“I use Lucario for all of them and the leaders unless it’s flying. He’s great for the leaders to get the shields,” a trainer wrote before others vouched for Virizion with Double Kick and Leaf Blade.

To deal with the Flying-type threats like Gyarados and Dragonite, trainers recommended Magnezone for making quick work of them. Also, use the popular swapping trick to take advantage of the two seconds that Team Go Rocket NPCs pause on using a shield or Charged Move.

If you don’t have these recommendations in Pokemon Go, remember that using powerful Fighting and Steel types is key to winning these tough battles.

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