Simple Pokemon Go tricks evolve Primeape & Charcadet within minutes

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go species primeape and charcadet

Evolving Primeape and Charcadet in Pokemon Go is quite a task due to how grindy the process is. But, this handy trick can help get the job done in a few minutes.

Annihilape, Ceruledge, and Armarouge are some of the strongest additions to Pokemon Go and players are eager to get their hands on these fan-favorite Pokemon introduced in Scarlet and Violet.

But, getting them involves taking on the frustrating task of defeating 30 Ghost and Psychic types in addition to 50 Candies. Now, you can speed through this tedious evolution requirement for Primeape and Charcadet by simply defeating a couple of Shadow Pokemon from a Ghost or Psychic-type Team Go Rocket Grunt’s team, quit the battle, and battle them repeatedly.

Not only does the trick complete the evolution task in minutes, but it also spares you the effort of searching for multiple Grunts or doing Raid battles. This was highlighted by user ‘crescentmoonweed’ in a Reddit post, who did it in under 10 minutes for Charcadet.

To evolve Primeape to Annihilape, you have to beat 30 Ghost or Psychic Pokemon. On the other hand, Charcadet has two evolutions: Ceruledge and Armarouge. Evolution to Ceruledge calls for defeating 30 Ghost types while getting Armarouge requires you to beat 30 Psychic types.

A trainer suggested: “You can even use the mentor [Team Leader] trainer battles if the typing is right,” before another added that Team Mystic Leader Blanche’s Master League team helps. “Metagross at the end counts as psychic type,” they remarked, referring to the evolution task for Annihilape and Armarouge.

Lastly, if you have a friend to do Go Battle League matches with, you can get these evolutions fast, as long as you remember the basic rule of quitting before the third matchup and rejoining the bout.

Regardless of which method you follow, keep in mind that you need to have Primeape or Charcadet as your Buddy during the battles to complete this Pokemon Go evolution task.