Pokemon Go players worried “pointless” Ultra Beast backgrounds set concerning trend

Niladri Sarkar
solgaleo, lunala and necrozma with new backgrounds in pokemon go fest

During the Go Fest 2024 celebrations, Pokemon Go trainers can get certain Legendaries and Ultra Beasts (UBs) with special backgrounds, but this comes with a surprising catch that fans aren’t happy about.

Until now, only those attending in-person events were able to capture Pokemon from Raids with unique location backgrounds, but this new announcement states that players will only have a chance at getting this feature.

This hasn’t gone down well with the Pokemon Go community as they expressed their outrage in the comments section of a Reddit post that shared the announcement.

Many pointed out that the “chance” of getting them is extremely “concerning” and should have been guaranteed. One player wrote, “I’m just concerned that ‘rehash old content with a new chance at a background’ might become the next wave of ‘content’ in this game, instead of actually providing new content.”

This prompted users to troll Niantic by saying that it’s “sad” how the devs are just off-setting the problem of running out of Pokemon by introducing these backgrounds as special attractions.

The background update was even dismissed by fans who attended in-person events, as one put it, “The backgrounds are cool but pointless ultimately. I don’t think I’ve looked back at the ones I got from Go Fest London last year.”

A good number of fans are looking forward to these backgrounds on beloved Legendaries like Necrozma, Solgaleo, and Lunala, as well as the slew of UBs in the Inbound from Ultra Space event, but even they admitted that it shouldn’t become draws for future events.

You should note that the Ultra Beast encounters you get for free from the Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research will not have these backgrounds, and it will only be limited to those you catch from Raids.

To this, a trainer sarcastically joked that the chances of getting the background would be akin to the 1 in 64 odds associated with the rarity of event exclusives mentioned in Pokemon Go’s blogs.

If you’re looking forward to these backgrounds, be sure to keep an eye out for Gyms with Ultra Wormholes that host UBs as Raid Bosses, and find out how you can fuse Solgaloe and Lunala with Necrozma for the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings forms.