Pokemon Go players reveal fastest way to complete “boring” platinum Ace Trainer Medal

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go platinum ace trainer medal after team leader battles

Getting the platinum version of the Ace Trainer Medal in Pokemon Go is a long and tedious task as trainers have to beat Team Leader battles a whopping 2,000 times. But a few players have shared some quick tips to grab the popular Medal ASAP!

Medals are some of the most sought-after feats in Pokemon Go and they are available in bronze, silver, gold, and platinum versions, based on trainers completing tasks such as catching Pokemon, winning PvP and PvE battles, battling Raids, and so much more.

Naturally, everyone is always grinding to get platinum Medals of each category but there’s none as frustrating as the Ace Trainer Medal, which requires you to beat the Leaders of Team Mystic, Valor, and Instinct.

Reaching the platinum version is a pain for many fans as they’ll have to win 2,000 times, but now, a few Pokemon Go players have shared some helpful battling tips to get this platinum medal done and dusted in less time than expected.

Reddit user ‘Puzzleheaded_Ad_3246’ shared a post in which they wrote, “PSA: Fastest way to get a Platinum ‘Ace Trainer’ medal” and explained how Shadow Kyogre could be pivotal in making quick work of Team Valor Leader Candela’s Great League team, and complete the “tedious/boring” Medal grind.

The OP mentioned that it took them “27 seconds to finish the battle” and also advised players to stick to Shadow Kyogre’s Fast Move Waterfall instead of its Charged Moves.

A user called it an “incredible tip” as Pokemon Go players highlighted why Shadow Kyogre is key. “It’s the 20% attack boost of the shadow that makes it faster,” one trainer explained.

When a player mentioned that they don’t have Shadow Kyogre, another replied: “You can get Shadow Kyogre over the next 2 months, using a Super Rocket Radar, which you will get in the ‘Timeless Travels’ special research.”

But Shadow Kyogre is not the only Mon for the task, as fans talked about a couple of other Shadows that are equally useful.

One trainer wrote: “I use a 1462cp Shadow Feraligatr with Waterfall/Hydro Cannon against Candela. It takes less than 30 seconds (if they don’t get a charged attack off). I only use the fast attack.”

The other popular pick was Shadow Sharpedo, that needs “needs 25-27 seconds to defeat Candela.”

“Shadow Sharpedo has a higher attack at the Great League level so it is still the fastest method. But shadow Kyogre for those who don’t have the shark is the next best alternative and still pretty close for the grind,” a player reasoned.

To get Shadow Kyogre, check out how to beat Giovanni and then use an Elite Charged TM to make it stronger in Pokemon Go.

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