Pokemon Go players praise new feature that makes Team Rocket battles much easier

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go team rocket logo

Beating Team Rocket in Pokemon Go is a nightmare for many but a new update is slowly rolling out to trainers worldwide that would help you defeat their strong Shadow Pokemon with no effort!

One of the biggest challenges for any Pokemon Go trainer is beating Team Go Rocket, requiring them to go through the Grunts, Leaders including Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff, and their formidable boss, Giovanni.

With powerful Shadow Pokemon on their teams, coming out on top of these challenging battles is quite a task and you’ll need to pick the right counters to get the job done.

Most players end up losing several times, leading to the wastage of in-game items like Revives. But, it looks like you can finally bid adieu to your Team Rocket woes as a brand-new update can help you make quick work of these villainous NPCs.

A Reddit user named ‘Anna1342’ showed a screengrab of their counters picked for a Team Rocket bout along with a question mark (?) icon located next to the search tab. The OP said that they’d never noticed it before and asked if it was new.

Fellow trainers jumped into the comments section to explain that clicking on the said icon would lead to suggestions of which types the Team Rocket NPC is weak to, making it easier and quicker for you to go with the best counters.

Players loved the “helpful” feature and highlighted how it would improve their experience in Pokemon Go.

“This will be HUGE for my wife and her trying to remember what each type is better for. Can’t wait to show her,” a user wrote before another added, “A great addition. A lot of my teams are specialized for the quickest KO now.”

Many fans admitted that they had trouble remembering Pokemon type weaknesses, and this would go a long way in preparing a solid team to take on the battles.

While some players have had this update for a couple of weeks or a few days, others have yet to see it in the game. In response to this, players chipped in saying that it is available for a few trainers now and will be available globally soon.

Using this feature, you can also check out the weaknesses of Raid Bosses. And while you’re at it, don’t forget the Party Play feature to beat the Raid quicker.

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