Pokemon Go players reveal easy trick to get Best Buddies fast

Niladri Sarkar
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Getting Best Buddies in Pokemon Go is a tedious task, but a few players have shared some useful tips for getting them quickly in the mobile game.

Pokemon Go players need to use the most powerful Pokemon to win PvP and PvE battles, earn more rewards, and level up in the game. One of the ways to ensure this is to turn your top species into Best Buddies, as they are even stronger than maxed-out Pokemon.

However, building even a single Best Buddy in Pokemon Go is a lot of hard work, and players often need to have multiple Best Buddies ready to complete important Research tasks in the game. Now, a player’s post on Reddit about the shiny Jirachi Masterwork Research shared some tips from fellow players for obtaining Best Buddies as fast as possible in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go players give tips for getting Best Buddies quickly

Pokemon Go player charlezprice asked “Why are these rewards so underwhelming” in a Reddit post about Stage 1 of the Masterwork Research: Wish Granted, and it prompted several fellow players to share their views on this Special Research.

While most comments mentioned that the final reward of a guaranteed shiny Jirachi is worth it, they also talked about the challenging Stage 2 of the Research, which requires players to have 10 Best Buddies.

So, when a player said, “10!? I have only one best buddy and it took me ages to get there when just working on the one. Sounds like I won’t be finishing this research anytime soon…” a few players chipped in to share useful tips on getting the job done fast.

One such comment read “You can switch out buddies 20 times a day, which means you can rotate Pokemon out to reset the happiness bar on berries. That way, you can feed 3 berries, get the heart, and then switch to a new Pokemon. Rinse and repeat. Make sure you also get the battle (train with the leaders!), play and snapshot hearts! If you work on 5 or 6 at a time, you can get it fairly quickly.”

byu/charlezprice from discussion

Another player wrote “I also learned you can earn three battle hearts quickly by battling the three Pokemon trainers (team leaders) and exiting the battle as soon as it starts. I thought you had to battle in the Go Battle League but you don’t.”

One player also highlighted an important requirement that you should keep in mind while trying to earn Buddy hearts from battles. It stated, “Are you making sure your buddy has been fed and is on the map with you when battling?”. A player also added that “Your buddy has to be one of the Pokemon you use in the battle, took me forever to realize.”

As far as the Buddy hearts from a new location are concerned, a player mentioned “The buddy also has to be fed and following you for the new location heart to count too.”

Many players seem to be unaware of these methods and so, these tips are sure to help them earn the hearts needed to get Best Buddies in Pokemon Go.

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