Pokemon Go PvP player reveals stress-free way to win GBL rewards quickly

Niladri Sarkar
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The Pokemon Go Battle Day event lets PvP players take part in bonus GBL matches and win more rewards than usual, but a trainer’s quick tips for the special day and also the remaining season may help you get it all done in half the time.

With the Go Battle Day, Pokemon Go players can take part in 100 PvP battles alongside their favorite Pokemon to grab the 4x Stardust bonus and other GBL (Go Battle League) rewards.

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But the GBL meta and battles have often been called boring and stressful by the community. So, many dread the tedious weekend grind needed to get these rewards, making them not too eager to participate.

Thankfully, a trainer with the username ‘Foulmouth232’ has come to the rescue with a Reddit post that details how you can finish the task in the least time possible and then extend the flurry of rewards over the rest of the season as well!

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The post, titled ‘It’s never too late to tank. 20 sets of battles, 4x the Stardust, on this Saturday,’ details a day-by-day plan on losing (tanking) battles and then winning the easy bouts that the GBL algorithm provides.

They added: “It takes less than 50% of the time compared to battling normally. Unlike normal PvP, Tanking is pretty mindless and relaxed, once you get a hang of it. Due to how the streak-based reward system and matchmaking work, Tankers will ALWAYS end up with better rewards.”

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Several Pokemon Go players agreed with the OP, with them being excited about the Stardust bonus as well as the guaranteed Elite TM reward. “This is what I do as soon as I hit 20 and get my seasonal Elite TM.”

When a player wasn’t clear how losing initial battles would help them win more later, a user replied: “The algorithm looks at your overall wins and losses and it tries to keep you at a 50% win rate. So if it sees you’re far below it it’ll try to boost you up.”

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“If you win too much you end up facing players who are harder,” a trainer stated. To this, another confirmed: “I have easier matches at 1500-2000 [Elo rating] than I do at >

Others reminded: “You have to at least hit Rank 20 and then you are good to go,” and when one user asked: “How do I get rank 20 without any mons built for PVP?” a player mentioned: “Literally just play. There is no downside to losing [before rank 20].”

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