Pokemon Go players furious as highly requested Origin moves still missing from Elite TMS after months

Niladri Sarkar
origin forms of dialga and palkia with elite charged tm in pokemon go

Five months after the debut of Dialga and Palkia Origin in Pokemon Go, Elite Charged TMs are yet to include their signature moves. This has left the community outraged who have been desperate to get them.

Items like Elite TMs are hard to come by and give access to moves limited to special events. Roar of Time and Spacial Rend were exclusive to the Origin forms in the Sinnoh Tour event in February 2024 and players expected to get them added by Go Fest.

This ticked off a user named ‘cabbagesquid’ who took to Reddit to slam the use of these rare items. Fellow trainers agreed with the OP and shared their views in the comments section.

With such a delay, players feared Niantic would include items similar to Meteorites for Mega Rayquaza, as many pointed out that the mainline games had Adamant and Lustrous Orbs for the Origin forms.

Others expect the moves to be locked behind a paywall or Special Research but added that this would make any Hundo Dialga or Palkia “just a dex filler” since Elite TMs are the only way to unlock moves for previously caught Pokemon.

Another commented: “I got impatient and maxed out my 100% one without spacial rend. Hoping for a TM or something eventually.” Note that exclusive moves from other events like Community Day are added to the Elite TM pool two days after they end.

Aside from being powerful Charged Moves, these moves also have Adventure Effects that influence spawns around a trainer’s location. One wrote, “I really hope they bring these back just for those (like myself) who missed out on one for the adventure effects.”

While getting Dialga and Palkia with their special moves is not possible at the moment, you can try trading them with your friends in Pokemon Go.

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