Pokemon Go players share “mad” grinding tips all level 50 trainers should know

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Reaching level 50 in Pokemon Go is the biggest achievement for players as the feat involves years of grinding, completing challenges, winning battles, and so much more! That said, many level 50 trainers often don’t know what they should do next. Luckily, the community has some excellent tips.

Pokemon Go has earned worldwide popularity among fans as the mobile game gives them tons of things to do. Whether it’s catching new Pokemon, taking on Raids, hunting shinies, or competing in PvE and PvP battles, the community is always hooked.

But at the end of the day, it all boils down to collecting millions of XP and achieving level 50, a task that may take years to complete.

Many of those lucky enough to have reached the mark already are left scratching their heads in trying to figure out how they can enjoy Pokemon Go as they did during their grind.

Now, the community has revealed some great recommendations on what level 50 trainers can do to continue having a blast with the game.

When a Reddit user named ‘TattlesTheGreat’ peaked at level 50 in Pokemon Go, they asked in a post: “Soooo… now what?” while adding: “Leveled up quickly from 49 to 50 due to the 4x XP event and now regret it… is there life in this game after level 50? Do you guys know if Niantic is planning on releasing more levels?”

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The post prompted several fellow players to comment on how the OP could make the most of Pokemon Go by grinding various challenges.

A user emphasized on Stardust by commenting: “Listen to me. You collect Stardust now. Exp means very little so Stardust is the way.”

Players should know that Stardust is one of the most easily accessible but incredibly valuable resources that can help you make your Pokemon stronger.

While farming Stardust and XP is a common thing to do, one person had a more exciting suggestion. “Now time to complete the shiny Dex,” the user wrote as more people agreed that shiny Dex is the way to go. This even led to the OP calling the suggestion “mad.”

Hitting Dex goals appears to be a common opinion among the community. “Work on getting all your Dex to the max number available, get all Megas. Each gender of each Pokemon. Work on Platinum on all medals you possible,” one of them explained.

Those who also play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can take advantage of an excellent suggestion from one of the users: “Get a mainline Pokemon game and transfer Pokemon to play with them there?”

Pokemon Go is a versatile game and regardless of how the OP feels at the moment, they would surely find something fun to grind.

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As you explore Pokemon Go, don’t forget to check out the Routes and Party Play features to make your experience more exciting.

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