Pokemon Go player shares simple tips to build most OP Dragon-type team

Niladri Sarkar
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A Pokemon Go player has revealed some excellent grinding tips to make a team of six Shadow Salamence, the most powerful Shadow Dragon in the game.

With the Lunar New Year 2024: Dragons Unleashed event, many Pokemon Go players have added powerful Dragon-type Pokemon to their teams, giving them an edge in PvP and PvE battles.

Legendary Dragons are undoubtedly the strongest, but many Shadow Mons can compete with them in raw power, and one such Pokemon is Shadow Salamence.

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While even one Shadow Salamence is extremely difficult to power up thanks to its high Stardust cost, a trainer with the username ‘pawner’ on Reddit shared a post that showed six Shadow Salamence in their collection, as they shed light on the best ways to build such an OP (overpowered) team.

The post, captioned with: “I’ve been waiting for this moment for 2 years… Next up lv40 on four and lv50 on two,” received several comments from fellow players who lauded the OP’s efforts.

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Users commented: “Dude the patience. Admirable, commendable” and “Kudos to you!” for the long Pokemon Go grind, as the OP emphasized that they didn’t play as often as they once did.

Others highlighted how this powerful team can help dominate Raid battles, as one put it, “Raids are trembling at your power…”

When one trainer asked: “I have a decent shadow Shelgon but no more candies. Think it’s worth the rare candy investment?” and confirmed that they TM’d Frustration off in a Go Rocket Takeover event, the OP replied in detail.

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“Try to catch as many [Bagon and Salamence] as you can,” they wrote. “Shadow Salamence is the most powerful non-mega dragon though, so they’d be worth the candy if you cannot get the requisite candy to evolve before the event ends.”

A user questioned: “My shadow Salamence didn’t learn Outrage after evolving last night after the challenge was completed. Did I do something wrong?”

To this, OP stated: “You need to remove frustration first before you can have it learn Outrage. Second moves don’t count either. That’s one of the reasons this project took so long.”

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If you have Shadow Bagon with Frustration removed, you can collect Candy to evolve it into Shadow Salamence ASAP. Or else, it is worth waiting to get Outrage after you remove Frustration in the next Team Rocket Takeover event.

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