Pokemon Go players slam “trash” new Team Rocket Leader encounters

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go team rocket leaders cliff, sierra, and arlo

The Pokemon Go Team Rocket Leaders have changed their lineups with new Shadow teams but are getting slammed by players for how “painfully underwhelming” they are compared to the last rotation.

With the World of Wonders: Taken Over event kicking off in Pokemon Go, the Team Rocket Leaders Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo have new Shadow teams. Players usually look forward to these battles to catch powerful Shadow Pokemon for PvP and PvE.

But, this new Team Rocket rotation has made everyone unhappy with their lineups. This emerged after a Reddit user named ‘Entire_Pineapple4732’ complained that none of the Team Rocket Leaders have a Pseudo Legendary in their teams.

The OP added that even though Cliff’s Shadow Machop is useful, it is also available from Grunts, defeating the purpose.

Users called the new Shadow encounters “trash” and “painfully underwhelming,” so many decided to skip these Team Rocket Leader battles altogether.

Trainers also questioned the addition of Shadow Cacnea, as not only is it not meta-relevant, but its regular form was also widely available during the Weather Week event.

Others added that the entire rotation was a downgrade as Arlo had Shadow Bagon the last time, evolving into Shadow Salamence, one of the strongest Dragon types in Pokemon Go. To this, users said, “Cacnea is the worst lol Arlo got trolled.”

Aside from Shadow Bagon, the Leaders previously had other grabs like Shadow Beldum, Larvitar, and Dratini, so the current teams prompted one player to state: “Gross. I’d honestly have rarer Pokemon or maybe regional Pokemon from the leaders.”

While Shadow Flygon, evolved from Sierra’s Shadow Trapinch, has little use in the game, the community hopes to get Mega Flygon in Pokemon Legends ZA, eventually debuting in Pokemon Go. As of now, you can use Shadow Flygon in the Great League, and Shadow Machamp as a powerful PvE attacker.

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