Pokemon Go player reveals tips for Shadow Pokemon purification

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Pokemon Go Shadow Pokemon

Pokemon Go players are always trying to figure out if it is right or not to purify their Shadow Pokemon, and now, someone has made a purification guide for dummies. Here’s what the community is saying about it.

For Pokemon Go players, there’s nothing better than getting the strongest Pokemon in the game. And for PvP or PvE activities, Shadow Pokemon are the best of the best in terms of damage output. So it is no surprise that many players think: “Should I keep it that way or purify it?” when a Shadow Pokemon is about to cap its IVs (AKA, a Hundo).

A Pokemon Go player has come up with the definite answer to the question that bothers the majority of the players and created this informative guide to help them decide if it is worth purifying shadow Pokemon or not.

This was posted by Reddit user ‘Foulmouth22’ in the Pokemon Go subreddit, with the quote: “Should I Purify: -Guide 2.0: Less ignorant and more informative edition.”

The OP intended to shed some light on the ‘Purify or not’ enigma, but this also sparked a heated debate among Pokemon Go fans who were discussing the usefulness of this player’s advice.

One of them, questioning the OP’s post said: “We need to get rid of the shadowiness because his eyes are scary, and I want him to be happy. Team Rocket is bad.” To what another player answered: “This is the only acceptable reason to purify.”

Meanwhile, a more constructive Pokemon Go player also stated: “There really needs to be a page or post about which Pokemon you will benefit from keeping as shadow and which ones don’t really matter tbh.”

And it is true, the usefulness of a ‘purify or not’ chart would be tremendously helpful both for new players and for veterans.

However, another player questioned the entire Shadow Pokemon mechanic, by stating: “They should just make the mons get purified automatically once captured. Problem solved and bad game design and lack of balancing, nerfing everything non-shadow and by far the biggest contradiction in lore also gets resolved.”

And it seems to be right on the money since many of the Shadow Pokemon have been hardcore meta in PvP and PvE since their release, for example, Gligar, who is present in 90 % of the competitive teams.

So there you have it, next time you are thinking about getting a Shadow Pokemon, follow these guidelines to know if it’s worth purifying or not. And speaking about Shadow Pokemon, here’s all you need to know about Giovanni and Shadow Kyogre and Team Rocket Grunts Shadow Pokemon.

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