Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player becomes Paldean champ using only one surprising Mon

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A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player has stunned fans by taking on the Paldean adventure and beating everyone with only one Pokemon in battles, the adorable Smoliv!

To reach the final part of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in Area Zero to face Professor Sada/Turo, players have to adventure through the Paldea region and build a strong team of Pokemon.

This journey involves battles with Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and finally, top champion Geeta, to ultimately become the champion of the region. While most grind tirelessly to grab the strongest species available, a trainer has impressed fans by doing it all, but by only using their favorite Pokemon – Smoliv.

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The trainer, going by the username ‘PlentyAd5204’ on Reddit, shared a post captioned: “Mom get the camera. I beat Violet with only a Smoliv” as they showed a screengrab of the moment they beat Paldean champ Geeta with a Smoliv.

Providing more details, the OP wrote: “Yes with just one little small olive. I only used held items, no bag items in battle and no friendship bonuses. This playthrough was actually really fun and I got to use my favorite from the new games. I did make a video if people wanna see that.”

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The feat took many Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players by surprise, as they lauded the OP for their “insane” achievement with comments such as “Bravo,” “Holy sh*t,” and “Paldeans all over are genuinely proud of this accomplishment.”

If all this wasn’t impressive enough already, the OP added: “I also had a Grass Tera Type that I didn’t allow myself to change to make it extra challenging,” referring to the fact that Grass is not a top-notch offensive type.

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A player asked how the OP managed the Team Star storyline that requires multiple Pokemon. “Some level 4 Scatterbug and my level 5 Sprigatto. They did not participate in the battle, just warmed seats in my party,” the OP replied. “The Star hideouts I did out of order, the Poison and Fighting ones had to come last.”

While the OP is still to face AI Turo to complete their Pokemon Violet journey, it is undoubtedly impressive how much they have achieved with their favorite Smoliv.

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