Iron Hands weaknesses, resistances & strengths explained in Pokemon

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paradox pokemon iron hands in scarlet and violet

Popular Paradox Pokemon Iron Hands is one of the most dominant forces in Scarlet and Violet. So, if you’re eager to demolish opposing Pokemon with Iron Hands, here’s all you need to know about its weaknesses, resistances, strengths, and best moves.

Paradox Pokemon like Roaring Moon, Iron Valiant, and Great Tusk are some of the strongest additions to Scarlet and Violet, as these Pokemon have OP stats, abilities, and moves. Among these mysterious species, the Fighting/Electric-type Iron Hands is known for its brute force and capability to turn even the most unfavorable matchups to its advantage.

If you want to become a pro at winning battles with Iron Hands, here are all the details on its weaknesses, resistances, strengths, and recommended moveset.

Iron Hands weaknesses explained in Pokemon

Iron Hands is weak to Ground, Psychic, and Fairy-type attacks in Pokemon.

Its phenomenal 154 HP stat backed with 108 Defense makes it super tanky against Physical moves. While its 68 Special Defense stat is underwhelming, its HP makes up for it. So, your opponents will find it difficult to OHKO Iron Hands, even with super-effective moves.

Remember that most Psychic and Fairy-type attacks are Special, so it’s always a good idea to switch out Iron Hands even though it can take the hit. But, if you are eager to keep Iron Hands on the battlefield, you can Terastallize it to Steel type.

Iron Hands resistances explained in Pokemon

Iron Hands resists Bug, Dark, Electric, Rock, and Steel-type attacks in Pokemon.

Its extremely low Speed stat of 50 means that your opponent is most likely to go first. That said, if there’s a Physical move incoming that Iron Hands resists, feel free to switch it in as it will sponge the damage with ease, thanks to that handy bulk.

Iron Hands strengths explained in Pokemon

Iron Hands hits Dark, Flying, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel, and Water-type Pokemon super-effectively with its STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) Fighting and Electric-type moves.

Its jaw-dropping 140 Attack stat makes it deadlier, turning it into a huge offensive threat that can break through some of the best defensive types in the meta. With its ability Quark Drive, it boosts its Speed by 50% or any other stat by 30% in the presence of Electric Terrain or by carrying the Held Item Booster Energy.

Boosting its Speed won’t do it any favors, as there are many faster Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. So, it’s best to maximize its Attack stat by using an Adamant nature and using its Quark Drive boosts to rampage in the battle.

Miraidon is an excellent teammate to naturally bring Electric Terrain into the battle, which can weaken Earthquake and also give an extra 50% boost to Electric-type attacks. You can then skip Booster Energy and use Assault Vest instead to boost its Special Defense by 50%, making it bulky all across the board. Keep in mind that a Pokemon can only use damaging moves with Assault Vest.

iron hands in pokemon scarlet and violet pokedex
Iron Hands has the highest Attack and HP of all Paradox Pokemon.

Best Iron Hands moves in Pokemon

The best moves for Iron Hands in Pokemon are Drain Punch, Supercell Slam, Earthquake, and Play Rough.

  • Drain Punch is Iron Hands’ most reliable move as it not only deals damage but also recovers 50% of the damage dealt in the form of HP, helping Iron Hands stay healthy for a long time.
  • Supercell Slam is a powerful move with a whopping 100 base power but with 95% accuracy. While it can KO many opponents if it hits, it loses 50% of its max HP if it misses. You can opt for Wild Charge instead which deals lesser damage and is 100% accurate, but you will lose 1/4th HP. Overall, Supercell Slam is the better move.
  • Earthquake is a great coverage move that hits hard and can threaten Miraidon, Chi-Yu, and Zacian, among other powerhouses.
  • Play Rough is a useful weapon against the mighty Dragon Pokemon.

It’s better to bring Iron Hands in mid or late battle, as its combination of offense and defense can make your opponent rethink their strategy and have fewer options in their team to take out this powerful Paradox Pokemon.

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