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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet type chart: Strengths, weaknesses, resistances, vulnerabilities & immunities

This Pokemon Scarlet & Violet type chart highlights the strengths and weaknesses of every Pokemon type to prepare for battle.



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet background with Pokemon type logos

Pokemon types are an essential part of any Pokemon game experience and mastering them is the key to becoming a Champion. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet type chart and how they are affected by the new Terastallizing mechanics.

Pokemon types are a fundamental mechanic in the franchise’s battles in almost every game. With many new creatures being introduced with generation 9 in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, getting to know the type chart is useful for getting through the different storylines and quests the games offer.

This Pokemon type chart will help you build the best possible teams to face different opponents like Gym Leaders, members of Team Star, and the Elite Four, which might be challenging if you’re not well prepared.

Two Pokemon in battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Knowing Pokemon types is the key to winning battles in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How many Pokemon types are there?

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet features a total of 18 different pokemon types. There are many different ways these types can combine and that determines the strengths and weaknesses of every creature in the PokeDex. Pokemon can either have one or two of the types listed below:

  • Normal
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Grass
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Fighting
  • Poison
  • Ground
  • Flying
  • Psychic
  • Bug
  • Rock
  • Ghost
  • Dark
  • Dragon
  • Steel
  • Fairy
starter pokemon in pokemon scarlet and violet
Starter Pokemon are always Grass, Water, and Fire-type.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet type chart

Here you’ll find every Pokemon type featured in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with their respective strengths, weaknesses, resistances, vulnerabilities, and immunities, if applicable. This will help you prepare for fights against different trainers and create a balanced team for different situations.

BugGrass / Dark / PsychicFairy / Fighting / Fire / Flying / Ghost / Poison / SteelFighting / Ground / GrassFire / Flying / Rock
DarkGhost / PsychicDark / Fairy / FightingDark / GhostBug / Fairy / FightingPsychic
DragonDragonSteelElectric / Grass / Fire / WaterDark / Fairy / Ice
ElectricFlying / WaterDragon / Electric / Grass / GroundElectric / Flying / SteelGround
Fairy Dark / Dragon / FightingFire / Poison / Steel Bug / Dark / FightingPoison / SteelDragon
FightingDark / Ice / Normal / Rock / SteelBug / Flying / Ghost / Poison / PsychicBug / Dark / RockFairy / Flying / Psychic
FireBug / Grass / Ice / SteelDragon / Fire / Rock / WaterBug / Fairy / Fire / Grass / Ice / SteelGround / Rock / Water
FlyingBug / Fighting / GrassElectric / Rock / Steel Bug / Grass / FightingElectric / Ice / RockGround
Ghost Ghost / PsychicDark / NormalBug / PoisonDark / GhostNormal / Fighting
GrassGround / Rock / WaterBug / Dragon / Fire / Flying / Grass / Poison / SteelElectric / Grass / Ground / WaterBug / Fire / Flying / Ice / Poison
Ground Electric / Fire / Poison / Rock / SteelBug / Flying / GrassPoison / RockGrass / Ice / WaterElectric
IceDragon / Flying / Grass / GroundFire / Ice / Steel / WaterIceFighting / Fire / Rock / Steel
Normal Ghost / Rock / SteelFightingGhost
PoisonFairy / GrassGhost / Ground / Poison / Rock / SteelBug / Fairy / Fighting / Grass / PoisonGround / Psychic
PsychicFighting / PoisonDark / Psychic / SteelPsychic / FightingBug / Dark / Ghost
RockBug / Fire / Flying / Ice Fighting / Ground / SteelFire / Flying / Normal / PoisonFighting / Grass / Ground / Steel / Water
SteelFairy / Ice / RockElectric / Fire / Steel / WaterBug / Dragon / Fairy / Flying / Grass / Ice / Normal / Psychic / Rock / SteelFire / Fighting / GroundPoison
WaterFire / Ground / RockDragon / Grass / WaterFire / Ice / Steel / WaterGrass / Electric

Most combat relies on the strengths and weaknesses of different Pokemon types, but resistances, vulnerabilities, and immunities are key to building powerful and balanced teams in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Annihilape Pokemon Scarlet Violet
Some Pokemon might change their types or add a new one after evolving.

How do Pokemon types work in battle?

  • Strong against indicates the type of Pokemon a specific type of attack is super effective against (For example, Dark-type attacks are strong against Ghost-type Pokemon.)
  • Weak against indicates the type of Pokemon a specific type of attack is not very effective against (For example, Fire-type attacks are weak against Water-type Pokemon.)
  • Vulnerabilities indicate which attack type a specific Pokemon type is vulnerable to (For example, Normal-type Pokemon are weak against Fighting-type attacks.)
  • Resistances indicate which attack type a specific Pokemon type is resistant to (For example, Ice-type Pokemon are resistant to Ice-type attacks.)
  • Immunities indicate which attack type a specific Pokemon type is immune to (For example, Steel Pokemon get no damage from Poison-type attacks.)

As the table above shows, some strengths and weaknesses are easy to figure out (water is strong against fire just like in the real world), while others require some thinking.

Fuecoco Terastallize
Terastallizing is a phenomenon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How does Terastallizing affect Pokemon types?

Like previous entries in the franchise, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced a new battle mechanic called Terastallizing. You can find out more about this in our Tera Types Guide, but it’s important to know that Terastallizing a Pokemon might change its type.

On one hand, it’s important to know that the type change won’t modify the STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) to its original type. In other words, if a Normal-type Pokemon changes to Grass-type during Terastallizing, any Normal-Type attacks will still do bonus damage.

Pokemon with two types will change to one type while they’re in the Terastal form, so it’s important to know the team’s strengths and weaknesses before getting into battle.

Now you know every Pokemon type there is along with their strengths, weaknesses, resistances, vulnerabilities, and immunities. You’re ready to take on any enemy Pokemon Scarlet & Violet might put in your way.

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Image Credit: Nintendo / The Pokemon Company