Top 10 best Normal-type Pokemon: Ranked list

Snorlax, Arceus, and Sylvally

While every other Pokemon type has some special attributes, Normal-type Pokemon are just ‘normal.’ This description often leads to players assuming that Normal is the weakest type out there but this list of the 10 strongest Normal-type Pokemon will certainly change their perception.

Over the years, Dragon and Steel have solidified their place as two of the strongest Pokemon types. Fans usually argue that other types such as Fighting, Rock, Water, and Electric are equally strong, if not better.

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However, it is hard to find anyone who thinks of Normal as the strongest Pokemon type. Does this mean that Normal-type Pokemon are inherently bad? Definitely not.

If you’re someone who doubts Normal-type Pokemon, check out this list of the best Normal-type Pokemon that can be a nightmare for any opponent.

Best Normal-type Pokemon ranked

10. Blissey

A smiling BlisseyBlissey is a top-tier choice for defending Gyms in Pokemon Go.
  • HP – 255
  • Attack – 10
  • Defense – 10

It isn’t a surprise that the Pokemon with the highest base HP in the entire series, Blissey, has made this list. It also boasts massive defense, causing even the most aggressive Pokemon to struggle in depleting her health.

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Blissey acts as a team’s defender and knows moves that can heal other Pokemon in the party. Overall, this is a Normal-type Pokemon that you won’t regret bringing to a battle.

9. Obstagoon

Obstagoon posingZigzagoon made its debut in Gen 8 with Pokemon Sword and Shield.
  • HP – 93
  • Attack – 90
  • Defense – 101

Obstagoon is Zigzagoon’s third stage evolution that belongs to Normal and Dark-types. Although this means that Fighting-type Pokemon can overpower Obstagoon with ease, it is immune to Psychic damage and resistant to Dark-type moves.

Obstagoon has decent stats and is very effective against Psychic-type opponents. It recently debuted in Pokemon Go and fans instantly realized that Obstagoon will be a great option for Great and Ultra leagues.

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8. Porygon2

Pyrogon2Porygon2 remains one of the most mysterious creatures in the Pokemon franchise.
  • HP – 85
  • Attack – 80
  • Defense – 90

While Porygon Z is a great Normal-type Pokemon too, Porygon2 is slightly better because of its higher defense and accordingly, is a part of this list. The biggest highlight of this mechanical Pokemon is its Sp. Attack and move set.

Porygon is a machine that can work the way you want. With TMs (Technical Machines), you can teach it some of the best Fire, Ice, Normal, Water, Grass, Steel, Electric, Psychic, Ghost, and Flying-type moves. With such flexibility, Porygon2 is definitely a serious threat to any opponent.

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7. Braviary

Braviary landingBraviary is one of the fiercest Flying/Normal-type Pokemon.
  • HP – 100
  • Attack -123
  • Defense – 75

Normal-type Pokemon aren’t known for their aggression, but Braviary changed this narrative and is easily one of the best creatures to represent this type. Due to its high attack and diverse move set, it is best to use this bird early in battle as its low defense might not be reliable towards the end.

Many Trainers do not like the fact that Braviary evolves at level 54. However, if you’re fine with the evolution method, it can be a great companion for your journey in Sinnoh.

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Interestingly, Braviary also has a Hisuian Form in Pokemon Legends: Arceus which naturally caught the attention of fans worldwide.

6. Slaking

Slaking in his resting and fighting stanceSlaking is another popular choice for defending Gyms in Pokemon Go.
  • HP – 150
  • Attack – 160
  • Defense – 100

Yes, these stats are absolutely correct and they are enough to prove why Slaking is one of the strongest Normal-type Pokemon ever. It is so powerful that during battles, the Pokemon casually misses its turns but when it strikes, the results are almost disastrous for the opponents.

If Slaking was a little more enthusiastic, it could’ve easily been much higher on this list. Despite the laziness, counting it out will be a mistake for any Trainer.

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5. Snorlax

A Snorlax nappingSnorlax is a fan-favorite since the franchise’s origins.
  • HP – 160
  • Attack – 100
  • Defense – 65

Snorlax is one of the most popular Pokemon ever, and unlike many other names on this list, it is purely Normal-type. This giant and lazy bear-like Pokemon is as tanky as it gets and even physical attackers struggle to take it down easily.

As opposed to Slaking, Snorlax also has worthy attacking abilities. Moreover, high Defense allows it to stay on the battlefield for a long time and consistently deal damage.

4. Sylvally

A Sylvally standing in an aggressive stancePlayers can get Sylvally in Pokemon Sword and Shield.
  • HP – 95
  • Attack – 95
  • Defense – 95

Sylvally’s stats are perfectly balanced which is also how it performs during battles. You can get this Legendary Pokemon by evolving Type-Null which is an equally great Normal-type Pokemon.

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Sylvally is a special addition to this list because it can change its type with different items. Clearly, it is more viable than many other ‘mon on this list and has been a fan favorite for quite a long time.

3. Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Lopunny, Mega Audino and Mega Pidgeot

Mega Pidgeot, Mega Kangaskhan, and Mega Audino on a Pokemon backgroundMega Evolutions made its way into Pokemon Go.

Only four Normal-type Pokemon have Mega-evolutions and they certainly deserve a spot on this list.

Mega KangaskhanMega LopunnyMega AudinoMega Pidgeot
Attack 1251366080
Defense 1009412680

Mega Kangaskhan can easily outshine Mega Charizard, Mega Alakazam, and Mega Lucario which is a rare feat in itself. Mega Audino might not be the best attacker but its support abilities are valuable for any team.

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Even though Mega Pidgeot fails to compete with other Gen 1 mega evolutions, it is nowhere close to being a bad Pokemon. It has over 80 HP, Attack, and Defense but the biggest highlight is the 135 Sp. Attack.

Last but not least, Mega Lopunny shines because of its high Attack, Defense, and Speed. These stats also compensate for the Pokemon’s relatively low HP.

2. Regigigas

Regigigas attackingRegigigas has one of the most unique designs among the Regi Legendaries.
  • HP – 110
  • Attack – 110
  • Defense – 110

Yet again, we have a Normal-type Pokemon with outrageous stats in the form of Regigigas but you must figure out a way to deal with its slow start. The Legendary beast has half attack and defense for the first five turns but after that, it is a force to be reckoned with.

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Regigigas also has an amazing move pool that includes some of the most powerful moves from various types. Just to name a few, these include Thunderbolt, Focus Punch, Hyper Beam, Rock Slide, and Stone Edge, among others.

1. Arceus

Arceus, the strongest Normal-type PokemonArceus is considered the god of all Pokemon.
  • HP – 120
  • Attack – 120
  • Defense – 120

Need more proof that Normal-type isn’t weak? Arceus, who is literally the creator of the Pokemon world, belongs to it. This also conveys that Normal was the first type to ever exist, and all other types originated thereafter.

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With its immaculate stats, Arceus is just the ideal Pokemon for battles. It is weak against Fighting-type opponents but even they cannot expect a one-sided battle against the creator. On top of everything, Arceus’ diverse move set and the ability to change types like Silvally make it the strongest Pokemon ever.

These were ten of the strongest Normal-type Pokemon. If you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, make sure to check out similar content:

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