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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Stake locations: All Shrines

There are 32 Stake locations to find in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and our guide will try to break this down for you as simply as possible.



shrine in pokemon scarlet violet

There are many Stakes and Shrines in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and finding these are essential if you want to complete the game’s Pokedex, and we’ve got every location for you.

There are a ton of new Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet, including some imposing new faces added to the Legendary category.

As with every other game, if you want to achieve total completion in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet truly, then you’re going to need to fully fill out your Pokedex.

Along with fascinating new Pokemon such as Annihilape, Amarouge, and Ceruledge, there is a new group of Legendaries to work towards and capture. Four of the game’s top-tier Pokemon require you to locate different-colored Stakes and their accompanying Shrines.

Bear in mind that you will need the abilities acquired from Titan Pokemon encounters to reach some of these Stakes and Shrines, so let’s jump into our guide to show you where to find everything.

Blue Stake locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The first bunch of Stakes we’re going to focus on in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are the Blue Stakes. Finding and activating these are essential in the pursuit of the Legendary Chi-Yu Pokemon.

They are scattered across the North Province and East Province, so here is every Blue Stake in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

blue stakes in pokemon scarlet and violet

Green Stake locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Next up are Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Green Stake locations and these need to be found if you want to present yourself with an opportunity to face off with Ting-Lu.

We’re going across the map this time with the Green Stakes all being located in the North Province and West Province.

green stakes in pokemon scarlet and violet

Purple Stake locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Up next are the eight Purple Stake locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and triggering all of them will unlock the shrine for Wo-Chien.

Situated in the East Province and South Province, here are the locations for every Purple Stake in the game.

purple stakes in pokemon scarlet and violet

Yellow Stake locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The final stakes you need to locate in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are the Yellow Stakes, and if you’re successful, then a date with the final Legendary Pokemon beckons – Chien-Pao.

You can find the Yellow Steaks in the West Province and South Province and these are locations for you to visit.

yellow stakes in pokemon scarlet and violet

All Shrine Locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Chi-Yu, Ting-Lu, Wo-Chien & Chien-Pao

Once you’ve found and interacted with all 32 stakes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, it’s time to locate all four color-coordinated shrines.

Each Shrine will be located in the quadrant of the map in which you found the matching-color Stakes.

shrines in pokemon scarlet and violet

When you get to an open Shrine, simply set foot inside, and prepare yourself for a tough battle that could require a few goes, especially if you want to catch the Pokemon.

If you want a bit more direction regarding a particular Stake or Shrine location, then Pokemon content creator PIMPNITE has a video guide to help you out a bit more.

That wraps up our guide on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Stakes and Shrines and the Legendary Pokemon within.

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Image Credit: Game Freak