How to get guns in Palworld: All crafting recipes

Souhardya Choudhury
Pal with a gun in Palworld

If you don’t want to just be limited to stone artillery, you can get yourself some beefy firearms as well in Palworld. Here’s how to get guns in Palworld.

Palworld is the latest entry in the survival sandbox genre as the Pokemon-inspired world is presented to players by Pocket Pair. However, you can do much more than capturing Pals, as you can nurture them and also build yourself an entire base in the game.

In Palworld, you can choose your preferred style of combat, be it by using Pals or by using unconventional methods. However, you can always shift to modern ways of combat with literal guns and firearms in the title, and fight alongside your Pals.

Here’s how to get guns in Palworld.

How to get guns fast in Palworld

To craft guns in Palworld, you will need to reach Level 21 and use the Weapon Workbench for the procedure. The Musket is unlocked alongside Coarse Ammo and Gunpowder, both the necessary items for making the firepower needed to operate a gun at Level 21.

Mammorest in Palworld
Mommorest can be a great source of Pal Oil.

Keep in mind that you will require High-Quality and Weapon Workbenches to craft Gunpowder and guns respectively in Palworld. However, you will not be limited to the Musket as more weapons will be unlocked when you level up further in Palworld.

To craft the Musket, you will need:

  • x25 Iron Ingot
  • x5 High Quality Pal Oil
  • x30 Wood

You can get Ingots by refining Ores that are mined from deposits lying around in the environment, whereas High-Quality Pal Oil can be farmed from Woolipop and Mammorest in Palworld. On the other hand, Wood is readily available by chopping off trees.

All gun crafting recipes in Palworld

As mentioned earlier, you will unlock more gun and ammo recipes once you level up further in Palworld. For example, you can craft the Palworld Assault Rifle, a significant upgrade to several other weapons once you reach Level 45.

Here are all the gun recipes in Palworld along with the levels they are unlocked:

  • Musket (Level 21): 25 Iron Ingots, 5 High-Quality Pal Oil, 30 Wood
  • Handmade Handgun (Level 25): 35 Iron Ingots, 10 High-Quality Pal Oil, 30 Fiber
  • Handgun (Level 29): 50 Iron Ingot, 15 High-Quality Pal Oil
  • Bolt Action Rifle (Level 36): 20 Refined Ingots, 5 Polymer
  • Double Barrel Shotgun (Level 39): 30 Refined Ingots, 7 Polymer
  • Pump Action Shotgun (Level 42): 30 Refined Ingots, 20 Polymer, 40 Carbon Fiber
  • Assault Rifle (Level 45): 40 Refined Ingots, 10 Polymer, 30 Carbon Fiber
  • Rocket Launcher (Level 49): 75 Pal Metal Ingots, 30 Polymer, 50 Carbon Fiber

This was everything you need to craft guns in Palworld. For more on the game, check out other guides:

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