GTA 6 reveal with first trailer and new map reportedly dropping in November

Hamza Khalid
Los Santos in GTA 6

Fans have been eager for some news about Grand Theft Auto VI, and now a new report is claiming that Rockstar is planning to announce GTA 6 with a trailer in November 2021.

There has been an overwhelming amount of speculation and hype around the highly-anticipated GTA 6. There have been various leaks and rumors regarding things like the storyline and release date.

Rockstar hasn’t given us much information about the game, which has only fueled further speculation. Now, a new leak suggests that we might get our first look at the game sooner than we think.

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Franklin and Chop from GTA 5

According to the Instagram news page ThatsSoBold, Rockstar will be announcing GTA 6 at some point between November and December. They also brought up the game’s potential setting.

“GTA 6 will be announced Nov-Dec and will take place in Miami,” the post read. “Miami” could most likely be a reference to the in-game game universe stand-in of Vice City, which has been rumored to be the map for a long time.

The account also claims that the new map will feature “Hurricanes, gators, and more!” Rockstar will also introduce changes to the map through different update patches.

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GTA 6 TSB leak

The post also claims that the GTA 6 announcement will include the first trailer for the highly-anticipated game. This was the initial release window for GTA 5 Remastered, and Rockstar may have delayed it for the GTA 6 trailer.

As exciting as it sounds, it’s worth keeping in mind that these are currently just rumors, and there have been several different leaks about this game before. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement for Rockstar.

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We’ll keep checking for any more updates regarding this. For more GTA news, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL, and check out how to change your license plate in GTA Online.

Image credits: Rockstar Games

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