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How to complete GTA Online’s “Participate in Carnage” Daily Objective

We’ve put together a quick and easy guide to help you complete the “Participate in Carnage” daily task in GTA Online.



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GTA Online players can complete up to three Daily Objectives each day, and one of them often leaves players puzzled, so here’s how to complete the “Participate in Carnage” task.

Amongst the ridiculous wealth of content that GTA Online already has to offer, including weekly updates, contracts, and Survival modes, it also has daily tasks too.

Given that there are only three to do per day, it’s well worth going out of your way to do them, especially as they’ll reward you with cash and RP.

One particular daily task leaves players slightly bemused as to what to do, so here’s how to complete the “Participate in Carnage” Daily Objective.

“Participate in Carnage” in GTA Online

player aiming weapon in gta carnage mode

For newer players or those who perhaps don’t delve into every option that GTA Online provides, certain content can be a mystery.

Even though Daily Objectives change each day, it doesn’t mean everyone actively attempts to complete them, meaning its demands can be foreign.

As such, we’ve created this little guide to assist with one of the game’s Daily Objectives that can turn up.

This is how GTA Online players can do the “Participate in Carnage” daily task:

  1. Boot up GTA Online
  2. Once in a session, enter the game’s pause menu
  3. Go to “Play Jobs”
  4. Highlight “Rockstar Created”
  5. Then find “Arena Wars” and click on it
  6. Now, finally, select the “Carnage” game mode
  7. Complete a game of Carnage and you should satisfy the criteria for the challenge and earn your rewards
gta online arena war image from trailer

That’s it! Simply complete one game of GTA Online’s Carnage game mode, and this Daily Objective becomes very simple.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games