When does Pokemon Home maintenance end for Scarlet & Violet?

Aakrit Sharma
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet featuring Pokemon and protagonists from both games

A massive update will help Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players add their favorite Pokemon to Pokemon Home which is currently under maintenance. Here’s when the Pokemon Home maintenance ends for different regions around the world such as Europe, America, and Asia.

A ton of Pokemon games have been released in the past three decades and every game adds to the list of Pokemon that you can catch. Managing Pokemon can be a hassle even in a single game like Pokemon Go or Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The solution to this is Pokemon Home, a cloud-based storage where all the Pokemon you’ve caught in several games can be placed together.

Pokemon Home already supports the biggest games in the franchise, and Scarlet & Violet are the latest titles to get official support. However, this has been preceded by long-lasting server maintenance, and players are naturally curious to know when it ends.

Here’s when the Pokemon Home maintenance ends for you to add your favorite Pokemon from Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon in Home
The free Pokemon Home version lets you store 30 Pokemon from each game.

When is Pokemon Home maintenance ending?

As per the official Pokemon handle on Twitter, Pokemon Home maintenance will end on May 30 at 11 PM PDT.

The conversions for other time zones are:

  • Eastern Time – 2 AM EDT on May 31, 2023
  • UK – 7 AM BST on May 31, 2023
  • Europe – 8 AM CEST on May 31, 2023
  • Japan – 3 PM JST on May 31, 2023
  • Australia – 4 PM AEDT on May 31, 2023
  • India – 11:30 AM on May 31, 2023

Having said that, you must note that the times mentioned above aren’t definite as the maintenance can very well end before then. Many players have reported that they’ve already received access to the updated version while others are still facing errors.

It is hard to find a solid reason behind a limited number of players getting access to Pokemon Home. While some believe it is random, others think newer accounts are receiving preference.

Whatever the reason, all players in the world should be able to access Pokemon Home after 11 PM PDT on May 30. Of course, they’ll need to update the app to its latest version and have a steady internet connection.

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