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Pokemon Go Raids: March 2023 schedule for Mega Raids, Elite & more

Our guide will highlight every Pokemon showing up in Pokemon Go Raids this month, from Mega Raids to 1-Star Raids and everything in between.



Pokemon Go players facing Regidrago and Regieleki Elite Raids

Dominating Raid Battles is essential for Pokemon Go players, so it’s very useful to know what to expect from them. In this guide, we’ll cover the full schedule of Mega, 5-Star, 3-Star, 1-Star, and Elite Raids in March 2023, so you don’t miss the chance of getting powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Raids are one of the most important mechanics of the game whether you’re focused on battles, catching Pokemon, or both. The schedule for March 2023 Raids is full of interesting Pokemon you can defeat and catch alone or with other trainers.

We’ll cover the full March schedule of Pokemon Go Raids so you don’t miss your chance to fight and catch powerful Pokemon during this month.

Pokemon Go Mega Raids in March

Mega Charizard Y in Pokemon Go
Mega Charizard YMarch 1 – March 8
Mega Medicham in Pokemon GoMega MedichamMarch 8 – March 21
Mega Venusaur in Pokemon GoMega VenusaurMarch 21 – March 28
Mega Alakazam in Pokemon GoMega AlakazamMarch 28 – April 10

To easily beat these Mega Raids, the game recommends parties of five level 38-40 players. Of course, having strong Pokemon with effective attacks is the key to beating the timer and can let you win the battle with even fewer trainers.

Pokemon Go Elite Raids in March

Pokemon Go brought Elite Raids back with its new season, Rising Heroes. Players can participate in these in-person Raids for the only chance at catching Legendary Pokemon Regieleki and Regidrago.

The first Elite Raid took place on Saturday, March 11, 2023, and featured Regidrago. The next one, featuring Regieleki, will be held on April 9, 2023. You can find all the details of these Elite Raids in our complete guide.

Players might have a second chance at catching Regidrago after experiencing many different issues the first time. Niantic revealed they’ll make it up to trainers all over the world, so stay tuned.

5-Star Pokemon Go Raids in March

Pokemon Go 5-Star Raids feature Legendary Pokemon and are sometimes very tough to beat. The recommended number of trainers varies from four to up to ten players between levels 30 and 40.

Incarnate Forme Tornadus in Pokemon GoIncarnate Forme TornadusMarch 1 – March 8
Ho-Oh in Pokemon GoHo-OhMarch 8 – March 21
Incarnate Forme Thundurus in Pokemon GoIncarnate Forme ThundurusMarch 21 – March 28
Lugia in Pokemon GoLugiaMarch 28 – April 10

Pokemon Go 3-Star Raids in March

All 1 and 3-Star Raid Pokemon will show up all month at random, so make sure to check the game often and get in touch with other trainers so you don’t lose the opportunity to beat and catch them.

Some of these Pokemon are subject to special events, so make sure you check this schedule regularly in case there are any changes during this month.

Dewgong sprite in Pokemon GoEelektrik sprite in Pokemon GoPiloswine sprite in Pokemon GoRaichu sprite in Pokemon Go

1-Star Pokemon Go Raids in March

Cubchoo sprite in Pokemon GoEmolga sprite in Pokemon GoMareep sprite in Pokemon GoDedenne sprite in Pokemon GoVanillite sprite in Pokemon Go

It’s much easier to beat 3 and 1-Star Raids as they can be done by one player alone. The key to these battles relies on effective attacks and Pokemon with large durability since the timer tends to be harder to beat than some of the bosses themselves.

What are Pokemon Go Raid Hours?

Pokemon Go Raid Hours are hosted once a week and allow players to battle and catch the current 5-Star Raid Pokemon. That means all Gyms with active Raids will feature that Legendary Pokemon, in this week’s case it’s Incarnate Forme Thundurus. Raid Hours take place every Wednesday from 6 PM to 7 PM local time in Pokemon Go.

Make sure you have enough Raid Passes and Remote Raid Passes so you can take full advantage of Raid Hours every week.

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Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company