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The Finals Open Beta allowed FPS fans to experience high-octane gameplay in the upcoming free-to-play title. Now that the Open Beta has come to an end, here’s all you need to know about The Finals ahead of its full release.

The Finals has taken the world of FPS by storm, thanks to its Open Beta allowing millions of players to dive into the servers. Embark Studio was quick to add a surprise Halloween event in the game, impressing the community further after the title surpassed Call of Duty’s player count on Steam.

The Finals offers players various builds to choose from which all have unique weapons that provide different gameplay opportunities. While its long-term success will be determined once it launches, the game has already made a statement when it comes to fast-paced shooters.

With that said, if you’re interested in The Finals, here’s everything you need to know about its potential release date, platforms, and more.

When does The Finals release?

The Finals does not yet have an official release date, however, the Community Manager for the title did confirm that the development is “on track” for a “planned 2023 release.”

Many are speculating that it could be released in December 2023, as this time window was given through an FAQ in the game’s official Discord server.

We’ll have to wait for official confirmation, as release dates can often chop and change, as we’ve seen with XDefiant.

Will The Finals have another beta?

With the devs looking at a 2023 release, it’s unlikely that The Finals will receive another Open Beta.

The Finals Open Beta ended on November 6, and it gave fans across all platforms a chance to enjoy the upcoming FPS. The beta was a huge success, amassing over 7 million players, with many extremely eager to play the full game.

What platforms will The Finals be available on?

The Finals will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. However, as The Finals is a next-gen game, it will not be available on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The Open Beta was available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Steam.

The Finals gameplay details

The Finals is a free-to-play FPS with many aspects to it that allow players to play exactly the way they want. Whether they want to use guns or melee weapons, players can choose from a wide array of weaponry.

There’s also an abundance of gadgets and skills that players can choose and use, from jump pads and a grapple to a healing device and a shield. The game seems to accommodate any playstyle the player wants to take up, whether that’s run and gun, defense, or support, as players choose “body builds” with varying skills.

The game also has a strong emphasis on teamwork, as players will be fighting in teams to win the “combat-centered game show” which is the main driving force of The Finals. Players will need to collect money and cash out in order to win matches.

Fight in “virtual arenas” where players can “alter, exploit, and even destroy” in order to “win escalating tournaments and lasting fame.” The game also allows players to create a “unique avatar” that can be customized with the help of sponsors and cosmetic options.

The Finals trailers

The Finals announcement teaser gave fans their first look at the FPS game back in August 2022.

The Finals Closed Beta trailer revealed footage of the FPS, highlighting hectic, exciting gameplay from a pre-beta build of the game.

The Open Beta for The Finals also brought another trailer for the game, showing even more flashy footage of cinematic and in-game gameplay.

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