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When trying to go viral on SpookTube, players must risk it all in every Content Warning session. But what about saving when you need a breather? Here’s all you need to know to save your game in Content Warning.

Content Warning is a multiplayer coop experience where four players try to go viral on SpookTube by recording dangerous monsters. You can also try to tackle this task solo, but having a well-prepared team with many gadgets is key.

But what about when you and your team need a breather? As recording monsters can be tiring, let’s see how you can save your game in Content Warning.

Content Warning: How to save your game

To save your Content Warning game, simply go back from the Old World into your farmhouse and sleep on your bed. The game saves automatically, but this is the best way to force saving in the chosen Save Slot, which players select when they want to start hosting a game.

If you die or can’t get back from the Old World with your camera, the game will also save, meaning that there’s no way to cheat losing items on coop or solo sessions. Going viral on SpookTube has its risks, but also its rewards.

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