How to heal players in Content Warning

Aryan Singh
Player characters in Content Warning

If you pick up a few injuries in the Old World, here’s how you can heal players in Content Warning.

Content Warning, the latest hit from Landfall Games, is all about venturing into the eerie Old World and returning with SpookTube-worthy content. For the best results, you’ll need to get close to the game’s many horrifying Monsters and risk your character’s well-being.

In case one of your teammates picks up a nasty injury, there is a way to heal them and get them back in action. So, here’s how to heal players in Content Warning.

Content Warning: How to heal players

To heal players in Content Warning, you’ll need to buy the Hugger Manual item from the store. The item costs $100 so you definitely won’t be able to afford it during your first run in the Old World.

Once you have a little money to spare, we strongly recommend purchasing the item as it can salvage future runs, especially in the case of your cameraman getting hurt.

To use it, make sure the item is in your inventory and then press the left mouse button near an injured player to heal them. Your character will begin hugging a fellow teammate and restoring their health in the process.

It’s important to note that the player with the item cannot heal themselves. They’ll have to drop it to a teammate first. The manual will also be dropped if the player holding it dies, and will disappear if left in the Old World.

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