How to throw items in Content Warning

Joaquín Frere
Content Warning players in a match.

If you want to discard items that you are not using, save them from destruction, or simply throw them at monsters, here’s everything you need to know to do it in Content Warning.

Content Warning is a game about surviving ferocious encounters with different monsters while recording everything to go viral. SpookTube might need more than a simple take to gather views on every Content Warning session, and sometimes you might need to throw items at your partners, or even creatures.

If you want to know how to throw any item in Content Warning, at short or long distances, we’ve got you covered.

Content Warning: How to throw objects at long & short distances

Players must use the Q button on their keyboards to throw objects in Content Warning. Depending on how far you want to throw the object, the Q button must be pressed or held, resulting in a throw or drop.

  • Pressing the Q button once will drop the equipped item, such as the camera, right next to you.
  • Holding the Q key for more than 1 second will shake the first-person camera, and throw the item at a longer distance, depending on the height of your camera angle.

Knowing how to throw random items at enemies to call their attention or important ones like cameras to save them from destruction, is key in most Content Warning matches.

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