How to get Boom Mic in Content Warning

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Boom Mic in Content Warning

One of the best ways to get more views in Content Warning is to use the equipment available to you. The Boom Mic is one of the best, so here is how to get and use it. 

There are a lot of Gadgets in Content Warning that make your video just that much better. Among your necessary flashlights and emotes, you also have access to equipment that heightens your production value for more views

The Boom Mic is one of the more popular options, so here is how you can get it and the best way to use it in Content Warning. 

Where to find the Boom Mic in Content Warning

You can get the Boom Mic for $100 at the equipment terminal in Content Warning, near your base. 

Once you manage to play through your first day and get some revenue from your views, you should have enough cash to get the Boom Mic. After you sleep, make sure to the equipment terminal on the left of your base (as you exit) and navigate to the Gadgets tab. 

Click on the Boom Mic to add it to your cart and select the Order button at the bottom right. The drone should appear immediately, and you can pick up your Boom Mic and head to the Old World. 

How to use the Boom Mic in Content Warning

The Boom Mic is most effective in Content Warning when you point it at a source of sound that you want to enhance in your video. 

equipment terminal in Content Warning
You can buy the Boom Mic at the equipment terminal.

Holding the Boom Mic closer to the sound you want to enhance in your video will not only make your content’s audio better but you will also be able to hear better while you use it

As a result, the Boom Mic has some significant pros and cons, mostly based on how you look at it. Better sound for your videos is obviously a plus, and if you get lost, your teammates will be able to find you easier because your sounds will be louder.

However, this also means monsters will have an easier time locating you. Depending on your playstyle, though, this could be a good thing. You’re down there to film the monsters after all – you’ll just need to be more careful. 

That’s everything to know about the Boom Mic in Content Warning! If you want to read some more guides about the co-op horror, you can check out our list below.

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