How to recharge batteries in Content Warning

Aryan Singh
Flashlight in Content Warning

Here’s how you can recharge the batteries of Flashlights and other items in Content Warning to avoid buying them again.

To explore the dark depths of the Old World in Content Warning, you’ll need to make use of items such as a Flashlight. The game sets you on your way with an Old Flashlight placed right outside the house, but it’s likely to run out of battery by the time you finish your first run.

This might leave you thinking that you’ll need to purchase a new Flashlight to continue exploring. However, there is a way to recharge the light already in your possession. With this in mind, here’s how you can recharge batteries in Content Warning.

Content Warning: How to recharge Flashlight

To recharge the batteries of your Flashlight in Content Warning, just head to the recharging station placed right next to the camera video extracting machine. Unlike other stations, it doesn’t require a button prompt to get working. Just stand near it with your Flashlight in hand and you’ll see blue sparks indicating the battery is recharging.

Recharging station in Content Warning
Recharging Flashlights can save you money.

You can use the station to recharge all the different kinds of Flashlights and even the Shock Stick weapon. However, you cannot recharge a Flare, as it is a single-use item. Similarly, you cannot recharge the camera as it uses film instead of a battery.

That was how to recharge batteries in Content Warning. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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