How to fix lag & stuttering in Content Warning

Emily Stander
Filming in Content Warning

Content Warning can get even more challenging if you aren’t able to see properly because of lag and stuttering, so here is how you can tweak your settings to fix it. 

Content Warning is not a particularly difficult game to run, but the high level of shadows and frantic running you’ll likely be doing can mess with your framerate quite badly. 

Without that smooth experience, it’s also more likely that you’ll die to monsters more easily. Sometimes, though, it can be out of your control. So, here is how you can fix lag and stuttering in Content Warning. 

How to improve performance in Content Warning

Improving performance in Content Warning means you’ll need to tweak settings like VSync and framerate, but sometimes, you’ll need to reinstall the game

Graphics menu in Content Warning
You can change your settings by navigating to the graphics tab.

Here are all the steps you can try for lag and stuttering issues: 

Change your settings 

There are three settings you can tweak to try and improve performance while you’re in the Old World: VSync, framerate, and general graphics settings. 


VSync is a bit of a challenging setting to change because increasing it can mess with your framerate. However, it can be extremely helpful in reducing lag and stuttering. So, if it’s off, try and switch it on. If it is on and you are struggling, though, then switching it off can make all the difference. 


Adjusting your framerate is essential if you want better performance. Content Warning tends to automatically set the max framerate to 200, so if your graphics card can’t handle that, it’s going to be working overtime to try and meet it. Tone it down to what your system can handle, and you should be good to go. 

General graphics 

Ambient Occlusion and Chromatic Aberration are two settings you can try and switch off for better performance. The look and feel of the game won’t change much, in all honesty, and you should have less lag issues where you did before. 

Uninstall your mods

Adding mods to a game is a lot of fun, but they can also cause some significant performance issues. Especially because some mods for Content Warning are not fully configured just yet, it may be a better idea to disable them until the game (or the mods) are better optimized. 

Keep away from random lobbies

Your lag issues could also be coming from connection problems, and not necessarily anything you can change on your system. 

Main menu in Content Warning
A high influx of players is causing some server issues.

Especially because the game is currently experiencing some network issues due to overloaded servers, it’s a good idea to stick to playing solo or with friends so you can negate significant network lag on your side. 

Try reinstalling the game

If you have followed all these steps and still experiencing issues, you can try to reinstall the game or verify your game files to check if there isn’t something that didn’t install properly the first time.

It’s important to remember that Content Warning is still fairly new, and devs are still rolling out patches that address issues in the game. Keep reporting any bugs you see, and the lag and stuttering you experience that isn’t in your control should be sorted in no time. 

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