Can you play Content Warning solo? Single-player explained

Aakrit Sharma
Content Warning player in selfie mode

Content Warning advertises itself as a co-op horror game, but is there any way to play it alone? We’ve tested whether solo play is supported in Landfall’s newest title and here’s everything you need to know about playing by yourself.

Similar to Palworld, Lethal Company, and Granblue Fantasy, we have another surprise hit on Steam in Content Warning. The co-op horror survival game by Landfall is free for 24 hours after launch and this, when combined with the overwhelmingly positive reviews, has resulted in the title breaking into the Steam top-10 most played games.

One of the most asked things about Content Warning at the moment is whether you can play it by yourself, and here’s everything to know about the single-player experience in the game.

Can you play Content Warning solo?

Yes, you can play Content Warning solo and the experience is almost the same, even if you’re alone on the server trying to capture those spooky moments.

The room where you spawn in Content Warning
Ignore the option to invite friends and directly go outside the house to play solo.

When you launch a new lobby, you’ll find the option to invite friends right in front of the spawn point, and this step can be avoided easily by going downstairs. However, it is important to note that you cannot invite friends once you’ve gone outside the door, so be sure about how you want to capture your content for SpookTube.

Warning before you play Content Warning solo
Ignore this warning as well and you’ll be able to play Content Warning solo.

The primary difference between playing in a team of two or four and solo is the camera mode. Naturally, you’ll have to use the selfie mode (press R to enable it) to make sure that the most iconic and viral-worthy moments have been recorded.

While this was everything about Content Warning solo play, check out the maximum number of players that can play it at once.