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Characters emoting in Content Warning

Racking up views in Content Warning is integral to securing cash in the bank. While you can influence this in other ways, one sure-fire method of attracting visits is via emotes. Here, we’ll teach you how to emote and every emote available in the game.

Content Warning is another surprise indie hit for 2024 that looks to combine a popularity contest with some spooky delights. As it is a co-op experience, you’ll be sharing the floor with your friends, using various gadgets to capture a sight of the various monsters that await.

Emoting is a useful tool to get more views on your SpookTube videos and elevate them to the next level. Below, we’ll take a look at how to emote in Content Warning as well as all emotes available so you can add some more expressions to your arsenal.

All Content Warning emotes & prices

Here is a complete list of the emotes and their prices in Content Warning, compiling both sets in the Emote and Emote2 categories:

  • Caring – $50
  • Ancient Gestures 3 – $80
  • Applause – $100
  • Confused – $120
  • Workout 1 – $150
  • Ancient Gestures 2 – $220
  • Dance 103 – $300
  • Dance 102 – $400
  • Dance 101 – $500
  • Yoga – $500
  • Backflip p1 – $600
  • Workout – $750
  • Gymnastics – $800
  • Thumbnail 1 – $800
  • Thumbnail 2 – $900
  • Ancient Gestures 1 – $1000

If you counted correctly, there are 16 emotes currently available in the game, with the most expensive setting you back a whopping $1000. While a lot of these are expensive, they’ll certainly add a bit of flair to your videos!

How to emote in Content Warning

To emote in Content Warning, all you have to do is hit T on your keyboard. This is the default keybind for the action so if you have altered yours, keep that in mind.

What you will have to do though is have the emote you want to use favorited otherwise it will not work. Once you do, simply get in front of a monster, perform and emote, and see those views roll in.

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