All Content Warning monsters: How to identify & escape them

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A monster in Content Warning

Content Warning monsters make for great SpookTube content, but they can get a jump on you and kill you if you’re not careful. Here is every monster in Content Warning and how to escape them. 

Content Warning doesn’t have an official bestiary like Lethal Company or Phasmophobia, so players have been coming up with names for the scary things they see while playing.  

Even though there is no official list, we do know how to get away from and identify the ones we have found so far. So, here is every monster in Content Warning, what they look like, and how to survive every encounter. 

Every monster in Content Warning explained 

Landfall has not released the official names of the monsters in Content Warning yet, so we have a list of names players have found in the game files and what they look like. 

AnglerA fish-like creature that resembles an Angler from the deep sea.
BigSlapA humanoid monster that has weird long arms.
BombsA humanoid monster that resembles Cthulhu (or a squid).
BarnacleBallA large barnacle with four “legs” attached to it.
DogA small robot that has a gun on its back.
EarA four-legged monster with an ear for a head.
EyeGuyA humanoid creature with a large eye for a head.
FlickerA jellyfish-like creature that looks like its attached to a harpoon.
GhostA creature with half a human(ish) body and two long arms.
Harpoon/KnifLooks like a child in a ghost costume with a pumpkin for a head.
JelloA slug or snail-like creature that’s made entirely of Jello.
LarvaLooks like a centipede with two arms.
MoutheA humanoid like creature with a massive head and mouth.
SluperStarfish-shaped creature.
SnatchoA humanoid monster with extremely long legs and a tiny head.
SpiderIt just looks like a spider.
WeepingLooks similar to a walking Iron Maiden.
Whisk HeadA humanoid creature with a whisk for a head.
ZombeA snail that stands on its hind legs.

How to escape every monster in Content Warning 

Each monster in Content Warning has a different technique to make sure you escape them. 

  • Angler: N/A
  • BigSlap: Avoid being spotted. 
  • Bombs: Run away and use walls to separate you from it. 
  • BarnacleBall: Avoid its webs and stay out of its way. 
  • Dog: Don’t let it see you or jump over it.
  • Ear: Move quietly and slowly. 
  • EyeGuy: Run away from it and dodge its attacks.
  • Flicker: N/A
  • Ghost: Dodge the first few knife swings and it’ll go away.
  • Harpoon/Knif: Avoid its attacks, run away, and wait until it disappears (after about 20 seconds).
  • Jello: Run away from it. If it does grab you, though, you should be fine.  
  • Larva: Avoid it and any player it throws at you.
  • Mouthe: It will run away from you, but only for a little while, so film it and run away as soon as you can.
  • Sluper: Use Q to throw an item at the barnacle.
  • Snatcho: Shine a flashlight on it.
  • Spider: Stay away from it and make sure you don’t get stuck in its webs. 
  • Weeping: Solve the CAPTCHA.
  • Whisk Head: Dodge its charge attacks.
  • Zombe: Run away from it.

The most important thing to remember when you’re dealing with monsters is that you need to run away, and if one spawns on top of you, make sure to try and jump over it or run in the opposite direction. If you’re playing with friends, just make sure you take your camera back if one of you does die.

As mentioned, this list is not complete just yet. So, as we find more monsters, we will make sure to update you with any relevant information and make sure you’re best equipped to make your way to internet fame!

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