How to heal in Gray Zone Warfare: All injuries & items

Joseph Pascoulis
gray zone warfare player using a bandage

Wondering how to heal your injuries in Grazy Zone Warfare? Here’s everything you need to know to get back to a healthy state in the tactical extraction shooter.

Gray Zone Warfare emphasizes teamwork when it comes to combat, as strategy and patience can prevent you from taking damage. If you do get hit, injury is extremely realistic thanks to the ballistics system, and as a tactical extraction shooter, death can be detrimental to your progress.

So, for those wondering how to heal in Gray Zone Warfare to decrease your chances of dying, here are all the details you need.

How to heal in Gray Zone Warfare

To heal in Gray Zone Warfare you need to use a medical item such as a Bandage or SurKit. You can do this by heading to your inventory and double-clicking the item you wish to use, or select it for quick use and use it by hitting the 4 key. You can also rest in the medbay of your base camp to heal up too.

The medical item you need depends on your injury, which you can check in the “Health” section of the “Character” tab in the menu. You can look at your character’s body X-ray and see where injuries are and their severity – Red/Yellow are wounds on bones and organs, green is a treated wound, and purple equates to bruising.

If you have red/yellow coloring on your character’s X-ray, you need to treat these injuries immediately. Symptoms such as dizziness and fatigue can go away over time, but you’ll need to heal injuries like bleeding with Bandages.

gray zone warfare character health screen
You can check out the location and severity of your injuries in the Character menu.

How to heal all injuries in Gray Zone Warfare

Here’s a breakdown of all the injuries in Gray Zone Warfare and the items you need to heal them:

InjuryHealing item
Blood lossBlood Bag
Drug overdoseCharcoal
Radioactive exposureKI (Potassium Iodide)
Injured limbs/Hurt symptomSplint
Injured organsSurKit
Limb injuriesMFAT
Traumatic injuriesFirst Aid Kit
DizzyBlood Bag

Where to get healing items in Gray Zone Warfare

You can find healing items when looting around Gray Zone Warfare’s map, or you can purchase them from the Lab Rat back at base camp.

Well, there you have it, that was everything you needed to know about healing in Gray Zone Warfare. For more, check out:

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